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One of the most sensual and intimate experiences that a human body can endure is that of sex. From the moment when the partners come in contact with each other to their first kiss to the first touch. Everything is beautiful and worth remembering. According to science, a human body craves for sex as much as it craves for food. Therefore, the moment the human body and its skin gets any form of stimulation or love, the entire body begins to respond accordingly. The mind, body and all the organs come into motion and respond in such a way that sex comes highly satisfying. After a pleasurable experience, men and women finish off with climaxing. For men, it is in shape of a cum-shot while for women it is in form of squirting.

It is the height of love and satisfaction that comes off in the form of fluid. For men, the fluid is thick off-white color known as cum while for women it is a watery fluid that gushes out of the vagina and it called squirting. But, a lot of people are still confused about the entire concept of squirting and even in this day and age, they ask what is squirting? It is similar to the question of what is female ejaculation? The answer is that squirting is another name for women ejaculation but because not many women tend to climax so powerfully, the world is still of mystery over it. This squirt blog will tell you all about squirting.

Women orgasm is common during foreplay or sex. This orgasm leads to discharging or vaginal fluid but unlike men, women achieve several orgasms one after the other. Men would finish off after reaching one orgasm and it would take them some time before they achieve their next erection and subsequent, ejaculation. For women, every orgasm is better and more powerful than the previous one. Women indulge in a series of orgasms and the pinnacle one would lead to a high-speed push of fluid out of the body. This tends to settle the nerves and hormones of the woman and would eventually put an end to their sexual desire for the time being.


The body of a woman is the most precise and sensitive figure that is sent on earth. The senses, the touches and the feelings that a woman experiences are far different than that of a male. Even a tiny tickle on the neck can lead to an eruption of feelings in the mind and body of a woman. The same is the case with their vagina. A vagina does not only have a vaginal hole in it, it has various points of stimulation. Apart from the vaginal hole that is touched, licked and penetrated, there is the clitoris and the G-spot. The clitoris or clit, as it is generally known as, is the top most point of the vagina that is slightly obtrusive. It is touched and maneuvered for further stimulation and at times leading to women ejaculation. But, the real deal is the G-spot. Found inside the vaginal hole, the G-spot is normally placed at the top of the inside. A person can feel it when the finger is inserted and then moved in a ‘come here' motion. The same action, when done persistently yet softly, can lead to G-spot orgasm. The G-spot orgasm is another form of women orgasm and it can again lead to women ejaculation.

The G-spot is not only touched and stimulated with the finger, there is a special device known as fingertip vibrator that is also used for such purpose. is a website that has a list of sex oriented devices such as male extenders/ penile enlargers and squirting vibrator. These devices have been acquired by several passionate couples that want to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Hence, making it one of the most successful and frequently visited website for sex information and devices.


The website carries an informative G-spot blog and squirt blog for women and men that want comprehensive information about the squirting. Men can also learn a lot about women orgasm and squirting which would help them in satisfying their partners in bed. After all, a sexual experience is never complete without both partners enjoying and then climaxing. And for women, a climax is not totally complete until and unless they have the fluid gushing out of their vagina.

Moreover, there have been many couples where women only pretend to have an orgasm. The reason is that their partner does not fully understand the dynamics of sex and female ejaculation which results in unpleasing sex. Hence, a lot of men are now gathering information and devices that would make their work easy. It would make them the king in bed and this is what women want, they want their men to know when and where to touch. This entire process may be difficult but not impossible and these devices can help anyone to everyone in achieving the best sex possible. Even women that like to pleasure themselves can take advantage of this fingertip vibrator and achieve orgasm.

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