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Uvipe Gibrid 2023 Pro Edition USA SilTECH NEW (upgrade model)

Uvipe Gibrid 2023 Pro Edition USA SilTECH <span class='upgrage-title'>NEW (upgrade model)</span>
Old price : 249.00
New price : $159.00
Uvipe Gibrid 2023 Pro Edition USA SilTECH NEW (upgrade model) 5 out of 5 (ratings 3)

*Rating Google

Updates for 2023 models (increased durability and improved comfort). THE DEVICE IS MORE COMFORTABLE, MORE EFFICIENT
  • Two types of silicone sleeve and cap stiffness - medium soft and soft. Increased wear life of silicone components
  • Added clamps for fixation
  • Changed set of plastic caps. Two medium caps with center nipple and one small cap with non vacuum option.
  • Added two types of patches. More comfortable fixation of the penis head


  • Innovation system
  • Makes any mechanical extender into a vacuum one
  • Completely painless wearing with no loss of penis sensibility
  • 100% natural non-deforming materials
  • Universal, fits to any existing extender
  • Increases extender efficiency 2 times due to comfort
  • Large kit
  • Improved silicone caps for longer use (USA Siltech 2023)
  • Improved silicone sleeves for longer use (USA Siltech 2023)
  • Expanded platform, suitable for any kind of extender
  • Increased penis enlargement guarantee for 4 months
5 out of 5

UVIPE GIBRID is a vacuum transition system that makes it possible to modernize any mechanical extender and transform it into a vacuum one. As a result, the glans holding system is improved, extender wear time is increased, and penis enlargement outcome becomes better. It stands to mention high quality silicone components of the UVIPE GIBRID system. Average wear time is 5-6 hours per day to achieve maximal results.

Please, note - we cannot guarantee results, its individual and can varies

Penis enlargement vacuum technology is the most comfortable so far. As distinct from mechanical extenders, vacuum extenders fix heads much closely owing to greater circumference area and vacuum. Moreover, keeping penis sensibility is another great advantage of vacuum devices.

Due to the vacuum transition system UVIPE GIBRID you can enhance enlargement results and fix the glans more comfortably.

3 plastic caps for glans of various sizes are included in the kit. It makes UVIPE GIBRID entirely universal and suitable to a penis of any starting size  

UVIPE GIBRID has large kit prolonging its use considerably. We made actually qualitative and wearproof non-deforming components. Useful time of each silicone component is not less than 1000 hours of use!

Thanks to longer sessions and wear periods you can achieve more effective results regarding penis straightening and Peyronie’s disease treatment

UVIPE GIBRID kit includes 1 inch*5m – 50 m patch. It will allow you to enlarge your penis for a long time

Glans fixation area is very important indicator of extender wear comfort. The larger it is, the more comfortable extender is owing to equal distribution of load

Useful to people who want to use enlargement technology during active rest, at work and even asleep

Closed vacuum system UVIPE GIBRID is perfectly fitted under any clothes

The extender kit includes DVD disc with detail instruction regarding penis enlargement technique. Successful result guarantee!

We provide 12 months guarantee for device and its components!

In case of zero result during first three months, we guarantee 100% refund!


Cap 3 pcs.
Upper platform
Silicone cap 2 pcs
Silicone sleeve 2 pcs
Air exhausting pipe
Patch 50 m
DVD disc

Have you ever wondered what separates a conventional mechanical extender with a high-class vacuum extender? 

The main differences are that the conventional mechanical extender can harm the penis, its glans and not give the desired results. The cheap and low-value platform hurts the glans when it is being strapped tightly. This can cause a great amount of pain and discomfort to the wearer. Only the Uvipe hybrid platform is made from an excellent technology that helps in offering the right type of support and increase in penis size. Plus, the non-extendable bars do not support the extension of the penis size. This can beat the purpose of the extender altogether. On the other hand, the vacuum extender protects the penis and its glans and also offers significant enhancement of the penis.

What is Uvipe GIBRID? 

If the positive features of both the conventional mechanical extender are combined with the vacuum extender, comes the Uvipe GIBRID, a penis extender upgrade kit. It is considered as the most clinically made extender for penis that would offer the best, comfort and growth. The kit is kept the same as that of a mechanical extender but the front formation is replaced with an upper plastic platform with a clamp. The biggest benefit of it is that it would eliminate the pain factor from the glans. When it would not be covered, or tightened by any foam or strap then there is no possibility of the penis suffering any nerve or vein damage.

In Uvipe GIBRID, the vacuum upgrade kit, the glans is covered with a tape patches which is then headed with a silicone protective cap. After which a vacuum plastic cap is put over the penilehead. Then the air is sucked out of the vacuum courtesy of a silicone tube. It is worth mentioning that this is a relatively newer penis enlargement system that does not contain any penis weight hanger or stretcher. So, the nozzle of the plastic cap is attached to the plastic platform after new bars are added to the existing ones. The full-length bars are then attached to the clamp space. It now gives the same extension effect as any other Uvipe product.

The true purpose of the Uvipe GIBRID? 

The Uvipe GIBRID is one of the most economical extenders for penis that also has all the accessories to convert any regular penis enlargement system. If the user is not content or happy with their existing extender then the Uvipe GIBRID can help convert it into a vacuum one. They would then be able to get safety along with precision and a real long penis. 

The true purpose of the Uvipe GIBRID is never lost. After all its primary job is to enlarge the penis. The vacuum facility and the extended bars can combine to give the most positive of impacts. If it is worn 5 to 6 hours at any time of the day, then it will give the same enlargement as any other penis enlargement device found at And done properly for a longer period of time, anyone would be able to achieve their wanted length of the penis. The device has the ability to give a 35% increase to the penis in 6 months.

And the Uvipe GIBRID is very easy to wear. Anyone can wear it under any types of clothes without feeling any discomfort or pain. The conventional cheap extender has a semi color foam that is put over the glans. When it is worn under everyday clothes then the awkward shape of the foam is very visible. But, with Uvipe GIBRID, that is certainly not the case. It keeps the penis straight but not in an erected position which means that wearing it anywhere with clothes of any material would not give a bad impression to the viewer or the wearer.

When the user buys cheap Uvipe GIBRID from the Uvipe's official website then they would also receive the 12 months device and accessories guarantee along with the 3 months money back guarantee. In the former, if the device or any of its accessories get damaged in the first 12 months then Uvipe would replace it without any questions asked. The same in the case with the 3 months money back guarantee. If the user takes pictures of their penis after a certain period of the first 3 months and witnesses no positive result then they would be eligible to getting the entire amount back. 


Reviews Uvipe Gibrid 2023 Pro Edition USA SilTECH NEW (upgrade model) (3) :
5 / 5

Hello. I had standard extender - proextender. Purchased vacuum modifier for it. Just very cool thing. Wearing got extra comfort. If earlier it was really hard to wear it for even 2 hours now 4 hours is just ok, and there is no pain at all. Just a whale difference. Added 1,5 centimeters for month, satisfied.

Arn , Age : 37 , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Hi, everybody. I use Uvipe Gibrid. I make my penimaster chrome into vacuum one. The outcome is just terrific. It is very comfortable to use now. It came to hand that uvipe gibrid 2 times cheaper, but more efficient. Thank you for such product

Dan , Age : 24 , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Hello. I want to write my opinion about Uvipe Gibrid. My story of penis enlargement is quite long. I started with jelqing, 6 months later understood there was no growth… Thus, decided to resort to extenders. At first I bought inexpensive pro extender, but it was just impossible to wear it, so I got additionally vacuum uvipe gibrid. Believe me it is very difficult to describe in words for how much it is more comfortable - it’s better to try it for one time. I was wearing it for 6 hours a day (two shifts). After 4 month there is increase of 2,5 centimeters over my basic 13,5 cm. More than satisfied with such a result. Could not believe it will work after jelqing, but it really WORKS!

Ralf , Age : 24 , Time of use: 4 months .

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