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Best Seller for Accelerated Growth

Uvipe PRO 2018 Upgrade SilTECH USA Modify Edition


The Best stretcher system

Uvipe Stretcher 2018 USA SilTECH PRO Edition


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Uvipe Hanger 2018 USA SilTECH Ultimate Edition


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Uvipe Optima 2017


International payments:

Uvipe Optima NEW (upgrade model)

Uvipe Optima <span class='upgrage-title'>NEW (upgrade model)</span>
Old price : 199.00
New price : $129.00
Uvipe Optima NEW (upgrade model) 5 out of 5 (ratings 2)

*Rating Google

  • Improved the quality of foam rubber and silicone elements
  • The maximum extender length is increased to 15%
  • The warranty period for the device has been extended to 16 months
  • Improved extender base material


  • Penis enlargement thong and strap systems
  • Great kit
  • Penis enlargement patent-pending technology
  • Head double fixation at platform
  • Extender max length 9,84 inches
  • The best possible extender costing to 100$
  • Universal, fits to men from 3,14 inches erected
5 out of 5

UVIPE OPTIMA is a hybrid extender with double mount system and bars protracting system UVIPE @SYSTEM@. It’s a mechanical extender of the last generation. Thanks to load changeability it’s more efficient than similar penis enlargement devices. The optimal period of use to get results is 6-8 hours per day.

Please, note - we cannot guarantee results, its individual and can varies

Popular glans double mount system. Fit to any penis size, any foreskin size. Totally universal

Owing to innovation protracting system, you can increase and decrease loads keeping an extender on! This allows you to wear it much longer and achieve better results. All you need to do is to protract bars turning middle heads

Thanks to longer sessions and wear periods you can achieve more effective results regarding penis straightening and Peyronie’s disease treatment

UVIPE OPTIMA is one of the longest extenders all over the world. It makes it possible to enlarge penis to 9,84 in. erected.

Glans fixation area is very important indicator of extender wear comfort. The larger it is, the more comfortable extender is owing to equal distribution of load by means of UVIPE OPTIMA you can wear it comfortable

For better results UVIPE OPTIMA wear time is 6-8 hours per day, 3-4 sessions for 2 hours

Bars antibacterial polished surface prevents allergic responses and well works in case of different penis curvatures

We provide 12 months warrant for vacuum extender UVIPE PRO

In case of zero result during first three months, we guarantee 100% refund!


Lower platform
with 24K main bars
Upper platform
with dual mount system
Thong strap 4 pcs.
Foam cap 4 pcs.
Set of additional bars with a total length to 11,61 in.
DVD disc
Silicone strap 4 pcs.

Cheap mechanical noose extender

For men that want to increase the size of their penis without using the vacuum or hanging devices can opt for this cheap penile extender. Uvipe OPTIMA is one of the most basic to use and best extenders for men. It has all the necessary equipment as other penile enhancers but it gives more emphasis on safety by keeping the simple nature of the device intact.

The Uvipe OPTIMA consists of an extender that has a hybrid platform attached to one end and foundation on the other. It is worth mentioning that the product comes with an additional hybrid platform in case the first one gets lost. Moving further, both the ends of the extenders are attached together with bars. The entire length of the gold bars plus the additional silver bars is 11.61 inches. There are four silicone straps (tubes) for tightening of the glans with the extender. There are four foam caps for attaching the straps with the extender and four foams that would protect the glans from enduring any undue pressure. This pressure can cause considerable harm to the glans and at times, even deform it. Therefore, Uvipe has developed a device that provides utmost care to the user.

Why should one buy mechanical extender Uvipe OPTIMA? 

When compared to a conventional mechanical extender, the Uvipe OPTIMA is proficient and possesses the latest technological innovations. The conventional mechanical extenders have two major issues. Firstly, the bars cannot be extended or the size cannot be enhanced. The original bar size always remains the same. No additions can be made in it which means that the person has to be content with the size of the extender without having the ability to extend it further. The second problem is when the glans is strapped tightly, they suffer from a lot of discomforts. It is because the straps are made from lowly quality along with the caps. Even the foams are unable to shield the glans from uneasiness and it can damage the veins and outer skin of the penis. Moreover, after the use of the conventional mechanical bar, it is very painful to have sex. 

Every accessory of the Uvipe OPTIMA is made from the best quality materials. The extender, its entry foundation point, the hybrid platform, the foams, straps, everything is manufactured with the fragile nature of the glans, kept in sight. This helps in having a device that is effective and also safeguards the private part of a person. Otherwise, even a slight mistake can damage the penis permanently. The idea is to increase the size and not to inflict any pain. Hence, only buy the very best, top value and cheap penis extender Uvipe OPTIMA from the official website Uvipe OPTIMA. 

How long should a person wear the Uvipe OPTIMA for? 

There are several conventional mechanical extenders in the market that promise a lot yet deliver so little. Even after wearing them for an entire length of the day, users experience no difference. Either the product is faulty or in a case of opting for a cheap one, they end up wasting their time and money. A lot of the customers that have contacted us regarding the product, tell us about their poor experience of the past. They invested in a penile enhancer and wore it twice a day for more than 8 hours, yet only experienced pain and nothing else. Their penis did not achieve the size that was promised by the product.

With Uvipe OPTIMA, the user only has to wear it for 6-8 hours in a day. It can be easily worn during the day, evening or while sleeping. The mechanics used in manufacturing the product makes sure that it causes no distress to the wearer even at night. Once it is worn for the length of time prescribed by Uvipe, the wearer would witness a considerable change in the size of their shaft. Uvipe OPTIMA promises an increase of more than 9 inches in length. No other product in the market that promise such a vast increase in the length of the penis. And Uvipe is so sure of their product that it even offers 12 months warranty for the user. After which, if no results are found, the company would offer money back.

Reviews Uvipe Optima NEW (upgrade model) (2) :
5 / 5

Hello. I have been using Uvipe optima extender for 6 months. My result is 1.8’’. Now I have 6,9’’. I misknow my penile. Sex has changed, my wife is satisfied! Generally speaking, penis enlargement was ok, without some problems and questions. Price meets supply indeed.

Jimmy , Age : 33 , Time of use: 6 months .
5 / 5

Greetings I ordered Uvipe OPTIMA extender, as I wanted to get duck big and solve the problem of penile chordee. I suffer from rather rare Peyronie’s disease. Doctors suggested surgery solution, but I refused it and decided to try extender. After long choosing I settled on your device. I must say that it wasn’t easy for me to use it, I had to get used. The curvature of my penis was about 50%, due to which it was difficult even to measure it. By now I use the extender for almost 5 months - the curvature is just 22%, the result is obvious, my penis looks practically normal and also there is a feeling of significant growth. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion, for at first it was turned sideward… Making whoopee is also much more comfortable now, thank you

Aaron , Age : 48 , Time of use: 5 months .

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