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Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 2018 (upgrade model)

Effective prostate massager

Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 <span class='upgrage-title'>2018 (upgrade model)</span>
Old price : 99.90
New price : $59.90
Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 2018 (upgrade model) 5 out of 5 (ratings 11)

*Rating Google

  • Increased vibration frequency by 20%
  • Improved complectation up to 4 condoms in the kit
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Increased battery capacity


PROSTATE HELP MP-1 - modern and effective device for treatment of men’s prostatitis and loss of erection. Prostate gland or prostate is required to be active
The device carries all necessary certificates and is recognised as one of the most useful devices in the world. It promotes help in case of chronic prostatitis and in cases of bacterial and prostatitis adenoma as well. Promotes effective treatment of men’s loss of erection and erectile dysfunction.
The device set includes detailed direction for use.
4.8 out of 5
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  • Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 <span class='upgrage-title'>2018 (upgrade model)</span> - 1
  • Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 <span class='upgrage-title'>2018 (upgrade model)</span> - 2
  • Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 <span class='upgrage-title'>2018 (upgrade model)</span> - 3

Prostate help MP-1

The easiest way to get rid of prostatitis in 5-22 days

  • Treats all types of prostatitis, including chronic forms, at home
  • Eliminates erection problems
  • Increases general tonus and libido
  • Renovates desire to have sex
  • Relieve from engorgements in prostatitis area
  • Performs as prophylaxis for many urological diseases
  • Promotes recovering from premature ejaculation


Prostatitis is the infection of the prostate gland which results in the inflammation or enlargement of the prostate. Urologists around the world consider prostatitis as a serious problem that demands appropriate and rapid treatment. There are several reasons behind the initiation of prostatitis. The main reasons include bacterial infection, sexually transmitted infections and hormonal imbalance. Moreover, there are four types of prostatitis that can be found in males. Acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis. 

When prostatitis becomes a resurrecting or chronic problem then medicines alone are not sufficient for the treatment of the patient. In such circumstances, the patient requires supportive therapies such as prostate massage. The prostate massage which is performed with the help of a vibrating prostate massager or a prostate massage device is an excellent way of stimulation of the prostate and perineum. While the practice of massaging is normally performed by a certified urologist but with the new and automatic prostate massage tool, Prostate Help MP-1, anyone can perform the massaging at their comfort of home. It is also a comparatively cheap option as compared to visiting the urologist on a weekly basis. A urologist charges their appointment and treatment fee from the patient but the one-time investment therapy tools such as the Prostate Help MP-1 can save the patient, a lot of time, money and effort. This tool is perfectly combined with the use of male extender, which you can buy in our store.

Principle of operation

        Prostate help Mp-1                 Urological office
     Procedure time                               3-5 minutes             30-60 seconds
Contraction frequency     20 contractions per second      1 contraction per second   

Due to Prostate Help MP-1 you will be able not only to increase treatment effectiveness, but also to save time you would spend on visiting hospitals and private clinics

Anatomical structure

Urologist finger’s diameter makes about 1,6-2,0 cm
Diameter of Prostate Help MP-1 device is equal to 2,0 cm

During a prostate massage with Prostate Help MP-1 one feel neither discomfort, while after the massage there are surge of energy and renovation of men’s sexual desire. Going in for sex is a plus.

Prostate massage in an office of urologist Prostate massage with prostate help mp-1 Traditional remedies for prostatitis treatment
Prostate massage is performed by urologist Prostate massage can be performed at any time, in any place. Due to big number of masseur’s contractions you will be able to do qualitative massage on your own and spend no money. The procedure time - 3-5 minutes a day! Ease of use
Small duration and number of contractions during prostate massage, loss of time for visiting hospital, high price of procedures During the prostate massage one should obligatory use lubricant (or vaseline). Temporary effect, deterioration of treatment dynamics, subsequent complications in the form of chronic prostatitis
Usual treatment session - 10-14 times with probable recurrence of the session. As a result you will have to visit hospital for many times, what requires much time and money You can personally choose time and duration of massage! Having treated prostatitis you will be able to performs its prophylaxis with help of Prostate Help MP-1. In the set of masseur there are directions for use in regard of different types of prostatitis As it is known it is impossible to manage prostatitis to the full extent with help of traditional remedies - you can just reduce initial acute symptoms of the disease. Treatment of prostatitis with folk means is quite ineffective and can cause complication of the disease and lead to its chronic form

Scientific rationale

Mechanical action on tisues of prostate gland causes local irritation of nerves and vascular distention, as a result of which the processes of microcirculation in prostate are improved. Increase of the level of prostate blood supply leads to increase of influx of nutrients and oxygen necessary for recovery processes and promotes supply of prostate tissues with medicaments
In addition, prostate massage promotes exudation of prostatic liquid and its bacteria from prostate tubules and prevents development of stagnant phenomena (engorgement of prostatic liquid in prostate tubules). It is known that in case of chronic prostatitis the bacteria colonizing prostate gland can turn to negative forms immune to antibiotics. The prostate massage activates bacterias and in association with antibiotics promotes full cleanse of the organ to make it free from infectious agents. 
Besides, during prostate massage the normal tonus of prostate gland muscular elements is recovered

Prostate help MP-1 carries all necessary international quality certificates and is approved by leading urologists of the world  

Prostate help MP1 meets certification of RosTest and is approved by leading urologists as the mean for prostatitis treatment
IQNet - one of the major international certifications
Rohs certification guarantees natural composition of prostate help MP-1 components
ISO certification - one of the most significant certifications in the are of international medicine

Reviews Prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1 2018 (upgrade model) (11) :
5 / 5

Hi, uvipe. I placed an order for prostata help mp-1 about one and a half months ago. my order number was 20090. it came quickly as it was messenger delivery. I suffer from a chronic prostatitis and massage is the best for me as hate to waste my time in hospitals. well I want to tell... i thought that it will be thick and make me hurt, but is not so thick and quite convenient to use. there are some condoms and that's allrght as I wash it after using. i got through 14 procedures and felt improvements as my erection was back and tonus rose. for such a price I hit paydirt. I hope my text is ok, plz, place it on your website. Dale

Dale , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

I bought prostata mp1 in August. It is convenient and easy in use, prostatitis disappeared without a trace. everything's hunky-dory. Felix

Felix , Time of use: 2 months .
5 / 5

hi there. Here I write concerning my purchase of prostate massager mp-1. To tell the truth i placed an order and soon it came to me. Recently I ordered a lot of things but some sellers didn’t send it to me so i really appreciate the fact that my parcel came in time. The set is complete and full, high quality, the instruction is clear, immaculate. Batteries work with a bang. I was using it for a week, cutting during urination disappeared, erection appeared again especially in the mornings, and I'm 54. I used to take pills for half a year, nothing could help me. I spent more than 253$ before I placed my order for mp-1 which helped. Good device,really appreciate it.

freddi33 , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Good whatever time of day it is where you, uvipe. I’ve been using the massager for a week; I mean prostata help MP-1. I want to tell that I felt the effect from the first try. My prostate in a manner of speaking became alive, well I really felt it. It seems like blood inflow goes better because of massage. I had no sharp pain, but there were some unclear feelings like fatigue, slackness, dull ache basically. In short the massager is a good concept, it is painless and it can work for a long time without batteries replace. Well, I write it for the people to learn things as they really are. I like this device, now will take a break as in a month I want to get through the massage course again. I'm really grateful for this device, I am extremely happy that I've found your website.

Jonh , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Good day. My name is Jim and I am from Davenport. I've been using it for half a year, not every day of course. Just from time to time. It keeps my prostate in flight. I'm 62 but it gave me a new lease of life. I almost don't use Internet and accidentally found myself on the website. And this is my first feedback ever. I hope it’s correct. On the whole I had a prostatitis, erection disorder. But after 7 massagers, erection returned and my wife was really surprised! Thank you for all the trouble on my behalf. P.S. I was really fascinated by the price, it's great

Jim , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Hi there. Here’s my experience with the device. I ordered prostate massager and it helped me recover from chronic prostatitis. All the pills were of no use. I work a lot so I don't have enougth time to visit doctors. I have accidentally found your website. At first it was unusual to use but I have got used quickly. Well after 10 times, my urination normalized and pain disappeared. Then in 10 days I repeated the procedure. I feel well now. Thanks. By the way instruction is well done. I was doing everything according to it. I didn't use the massagers before, only pills which were of no use, but you massager really helped me. I appreciate that.

Mike , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Wagwan. I received the device and read the instruction, it seemed like ok. I used it, it went off without a hitch. But still i have one question, is it possible to use the device without a condom? How to wash it after usage?

ink1978 , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

I bought a massager on your website and it helped me. In short I had prostatitis long ago, took a lot of pills, and rectal suppositories. There was almost no effect and the disease came back. Your massager really killed it, it is a good thing. I only wish it had more than one speed, I would like to have an opportunity to switch speed for more convenience. Still, it works well, thanx.

Jacob , Time of use: 1 months .
4 / 5

I placed an order on your website, here is my number 19772. I used the massager quite often, once a day, according to the instruction. Its main advantage - good vibration as I felt masses with my prostate, it is much better than doctor makes. I tried to do it at a hospital, but such a procedure is too intimate. As for me I prefer to use it staying in. I am really happy with the device and recommend it to everybody. I hope you'll get my message.

Robert , Time of use: 1 months .
4 / 5

Hi! Can you deliver this device to Boston? My doctor recommended me buy a prostate massager in order to use it at home. I really need it. I am ready to prepay for the device, please, connect me via my email:

zerban8841 , Time of use: 1 months .
5 / 5

Good evening. I’ve decided to write about the massager and to thank u. I had prostatitis for about 10 years, tried a lot of things, but couldnt get rid of this sh*t. I cant tell that I did it, but at least the main problem was killed. No longer run to pee at night, my wood became harder. In short it is a good massager, it is much better than any steep pills and the price is like you are buying 2 viagra pills. Really rock-bottom prices. I order one more for myself. It's really a good thing, any sensible man should use it for not to spoil organism with those pills. You buy it once and soon forget about it, well it is freaking annoying but effective. So, thanks a bundle

Cole , Time of use: 1 months .

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