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Uvipe MAX+ 2023 USA SilTECH Extreme Edition NEW (upgrade model)

Uvipe MAX+ 2023 USA SilTECH Extreme Edition <span class='upgrage-title'>NEW (upgrade model)</span>
Old price : 619.00
New price : $369.00
Uvipe MAX+ 2023 USA SilTECH Extreme Edition NEW (upgrade model) 5 out of 5 (ratings 8)

*Rating Google

Updates for 2023 models (increased durability and improved comfort). THE DEVICE IS MORE COMFORTABLE, MORE EFFICIENT
  • Two types of silicone sleeve and cap stiffness - medium soft and soft. Increased wear life of silicone components
  • Added clamps for fixation
  • Changed set of plastic caps. Two medium caps with center nipple and one small cap with non vacuum option.
  • Added two types of patches. More comfortable fixation of the penis head


  • Quickest possible penis enlargement so far
  • Large kit: penis extender, stretcher, hanger
  • Technology: extender + belt + hanger
  • UVIPE @SYSTEM@ bars protracting system
  • 100% natural non-deforming materials
  • Can be used when sleeping and active moving
  • Guaranteed result
  • Improved silicone sleeves (new material USA SilTECH 2023)
  • Improved silicone caps (new material USA SilTECH 2023)
  • Increased the effectiveness of the increase penis by 25%
  • Increased the guarantee for penis enlargement in the period from 3 months
5 out of 5

Penis stretching enlargement system Uvipe MAX+

Even though every organ in the human body is important, for men, the penis even more so. It is a very soft organ that requires utmost care. Even when men play sports, they use guards and protective gear to shield the penis from any damage. This shows the importance of the organ.

It is no secret that men love to have a longer penile. It reflects their strength and manhood. Anyone that has a longer shaft, is always proud of their appearance and ability to satisfy women. But, there are also many men that feel embarrassed because of their not so long penis. How to make penis bigger for men, that have a small or below averaged sized, it is significant that they take urgent action to rectify the problem. 

The market is full of creams, pill and other penis extender enlargement products that can be beneficial to increase the size of the penis. But, some of them are costly and others do not work effectively. And if they work effectively, there is a possibility that it can damage this delicate organ. Therefore, it is essential that while wanting a bigger size, men must not put their penis at risk. Any nerve or vein damage caused by any of the products would be permanent. Having said that, only Uvipe MAX+, the penis enlargement kit is the ultimate tool to enhance the size of a small or average sized penis. It is the number one penis grow kit that has all the required components to help men in increasing the length of their penile.

UVIPE MAX+ is the most up-to-date system of penis growth enlargement so far. It combines three vacuum technologies at once: extender + vacuum belt + vacuum suspension system. Large kit and high quality silicone components make it possible to achieve enlargement results as quick as possible. The average period of UVIPE MAX+ system use is 3-5 hours per day that is a record low indicator

How to get a bigger penis? Enlargement vacuum technology is the most comfortable so far. As distinct from mechanical extenders, vacuum extenders fix heads much closely owing to greater circumference area and vacuum. Moreover, keeping penis sensibility is another great advantage of vacuum devices.

Owing to innovation protracting system, you can increase and decrease loads keeping on an extender! This allows you to wear it much longer and achieve better results. All you need to do is to protract bars turning middle heads

Max suspension weight – 18,74 lb. The system of suspension allows people to stretch ligaments and achieve enlargement much faster

Useful to people who want to use enlargement technology during active rest, at work and even asleep.

Bars antibacterial polished surface prevents allergic responses and well works in case of different penis curvatures

3 plastic caps for glans of various sizes are included in the kit. It makes UVIPE MAX+ entirely universal and suitable to a penis of any starting penis size

UVIPE MAX+ has large kit prolonging its use considerably. We made actually qualitative and wearproof non-deforming components. Useful time of each silicone component is not less than 1000 hours of use!

Thanks to longer sessions and wear periods you can achieve more effective results regarding penis straightening and Peyronie’s disease treatment

UVIPE MAX+ kit includes 1 in.*5m – 100 m patch. It will allow you to enlarge your penis for a long time

UVIPE MAX+ is one of the longest extenders all over the world. It makes it possible to enlarge penis to 9,84 inches erected.

Glans fixation area is very important indicator of extender wear comfort. The larger it is, the more comfortable extender is owing to equal distribution of load

As distinct from mechanical extenders wear time of vacuum UVIPE MAX+ is short since you can easily adjust tension degree, as a result effectiveness is improved and wear time is decreased

The extender kit includes DVD disc with detail instruction regarding penis enlargement technique. Successful result guarantee!

Owing to closed system the glans is completely protected against external irritants. It’s convenient to use VIPE MAX+ under clothes

We provide 12 months guarantee for UVIPE MAX+

In case of zero result during first three months, we guarantee 100% refund!


Lower platform
 with 24K main bars
Upper platform
Cap 3 pcs.
Silicone cap 2 pcs.
Silicone sleeve 2 pcs.

A set of additional bars, total length to 11, 6 in.
Air exhausting  pipe
Patch 100m
Clamp & ring belt
DVD disc
Chain for hangers
Hook (2 pcs.)


How to increase penis size? So, what does Uvipe MAX+ have that other male enlargement products don't have? It consists of a remarkable and complete penis enlargement system that no other product in the market possesses. From the 24K gold extender for enlargement to 11.61 inches to the silicone caps to protect the glans from the vacuum, from the plastic caps for different glans sizes to silicone sleeves that keep the plastic caps connected to the penis, everything is top class. Made from the highest of quality, this penis extender kit offers the most adequate and permanent solution to this problem. Men that want to have a penis that would make them proud of themselves and last longer in bed, should resort to this enhanced vacuum system for the penis. 

Do penis extenders work? It is a very common way of extending the size of the penis but only Uvipe MAX+ offers extra bars for the extension. The customer does not have to increase the size of the penis to 11.61 inches. If they feel that they are happy with the length after an increase of a few inches then they can stop there. Otherwise, they can benefit from the Uvipe @System and add bars to the extender to take it to the maximum 11.61 inches length. 

Uvipe does not allow the penis to get damaged or hurt during the process of enhancement. When the air is retracted from the plastic cap through the tube, there is always a chance of hurting the glans. It is because the contraction of the plastic is directly touching the glans. But, that is not the case with Uvipe products including Uvipe MAX+. The company is vigilant of the matter and hence offers a protective silicone cap over the glans. Firstly, the plaster is applied all over the penilehead. It covers every angle of it. After that, the silicone cap is worn over it for further protection. 

WARRANTY is the website that offers a variety of penis enlargement kits, penile stretchers and therefore it has earned a name and reputation in the world of sex enhancers. The Uvipe MAX+ is another of its great inventions that have helped many men in the past and continues to help men all around the world. The product comes with complete customer satisfaction. It offers 12 months guarantee of all the components that if a certain product that does not reach the high expectations of our customers then they would be willing to replace the component immediately. Secondly, buy Uvipe MAX+ from and get 3 months money back guarantee. Uvipe encourages its customers to provide feedback. If a customer does not witness any changes in the length of the penis after using Uvipe MAX+ for three months then the company would be willing to gladly refund the entire amount.

Reviews Uvipe MAX+ 2023 USA SilTECH Extreme Edition NEW (upgrade model) (8) :
5 / 5

Good day. I’d like to post my review of Uvipe MAX+ extender, which I ordered via your site. I am familiar with various types of extenders, used jesextender and penimaster, but all was in vain. So I decided to order your most advanced feature - uvipe max+. As I’ve understood it was combination of vacuum hanging, belt and extender. It was interesting for me and I decided to try it. I followed directions contained in DVD. At first couldn’t understand how it works and when I should use it, so I wore it in such way: 40 minutes a day - for hanger, than one and half an hour wore extender and at last used the belt for night wearing it for about 2 hours. In total it was about 4 hours per day, 6 days a week. In 4 months got almost 5 centimeters length and some progress in volume as well.. however I did not make prior measurement and therefore can’t say indeed how much it got. In general, quite satisfied with the result. I can say that max+ system is the best solution for those, who want to make penile bigger without pills and surgery in the most safe and quick way. My recommendation!

Ashton , Age : 29 , Time of use: 4 months .
5 / 5

Hello guys! Finally I made a report on the increase using the Uvipe system. I'm very delighted with the result. In 7 months I added 7 centimeters! I had serious problems with erection, strong bending to the left and the head didn't fully open. I talked to doctor, but I didn't want to perform an operation. There are a lot of side effects. Then I ordered the uvipe max +. At first it was difficult to use it, but then got used. I saw the results almost immediately. My erection improved and the size increased. Initially, I did not measure it, but it increased enough greatly. After increasing, my life has changed. I began to feel much better during sex, my complexes have gone away. I do not think any other device could show similar results! I recommend it!

hawk33 , Age : 31 , Time of use: 7 months .
5 / 5

Hello. I would like to write a review about how I increased my penis from 12.1 to 17.3 centimeters in only 4 months. Although I began to increase it long before that. I have tried almost everything starting with tablets (1 month) and jelqing (6 months), but there were no results. Then I used the pump, it was also useless. Then I read on the forum the useful information about the Uvipe extender. I ordered the Uvipe max + system and began the increase from 04.04.2016. My initial size was 12.1 centimeters, and I also had problems with erection. I began to use the extender, and then proceed to hanging and stretcher. I used it for only 4-5 hours a day, and there was 1 day off. As a result, in 4 months my size was 17.3 centimeters. My erection is much better, and now I have no problems with it. Now, I am going to take a break for six months and then will continue to use it. My goal is 20 centimeters, and I am sure I can achieve it with the Uvipe. I attach photo with the result and dates of measurement. Thank you

Greg Jr , Age : 28 , Time of use: 4 months .
5 / 5

I used uvipe max+ system after operation - the ligaments insection. The operation provided no result, but I had to use extender. Doctor recommended some other devices, but I preferred your vacuum penispump. Money is not a matter for me, so I’ve purchased the most expensive version for better effect and came up trumps. You know it’s very painful to wear extender after operation, especially in the beginning. But ligaments get stronger with time. In 2 months of conjunctive use added 1,77 inches! In my opinion it’s very fast result! Erection is also good. My knob-end gets increased wet, so I had to get used to stick plaster on it. In such a way the winding has turned out to be of service to me. Thank you, uvipe.

Mohamed , Age : 40 , Time of use: 2 months .
5 / 5

Guys, thank you! First of all, I want to mention that people who think they can make their penile bigger using pills and creams delude themselves. I used many things, and it was in vain. I had lost time. The best option is hanging and extender use. Without side effects and any risks. I bought uvipe max+ on It’s because it has hanging system and extender. Hanging provides major growth, and extender enhancement strengthens erection after enlargement. Upon 5 months my increase reached 1,5’’. That’s a great result! Continue to enlarge!

Mark , Age : 21 , Time of use: 5 months .
5 / 5

Hi! I want to thank you for you have argued me out of doing operation. I thought it was possible to get a big penile only in surgical way, but it is not the case! Despaired of success using male enhancement pills. Understood it was a fraud in a month. Decided to visit doctor. He, of course, recommended to perform an operation, but I refused and decided to find some info in the Internet. Many people write extenders are rather effective, so I’ve decided to try. On some site stumbled upon recommendation of uvipe max and purchased it. The principle of work was clear, so I started using it. During the first months there was no any increase; however, I was wearing extender just for 3 hours a day. Later, after e-mail consultation, started to vary duration. Used belt - put it on for 3-4 hours at night, preliminarily resorted to hanging for 20 minutes. Added 0,4 inches for the second month! I was just chuffed and continued using. All in all got a bit more than an inch in 4 months. Erections is just like a stone, however there are some pains in ligaments, but doctors say it is ok. At the present time I am going to be on holiday for 3 months, but will undoubtedly continue using device on return. Need some accessories, for I have lost several parts.

Duglas , Age : 43 , Time of use: 4 months .
5 / 5

Good day. I am a professional bodybuilder, and the matter of penis size is very important for me. During competitions it is necessary to feel no discomfort, so the size plays the role) After full building of legs I’ve come to idea the size should be increased, so I’d decided to use your stuff. The result pleases the eye. At rest penile got 0,79 inches, while during erection - even as long as 1,34 inches. In addition, some extra volume. Gave my recommendations to guys from gym. Perhaps, you have already secured some orders. Thanks a lot, wish you to have a good business

John Taylor , Age : 28 , Time of use: 4 months .
5 / 5

The main reason for uvipe MAX+ was the speed of penis enhancement. I have no much time, because of my work. On the site it was said that using extender for 4 hours a day I will get necessary increase and it should be noted I like the results much. The matter is that uvipe max+ can be used even at night, which is very comfortable for me. For 4 month I got +1,1 inches. During day I used mainly hanger, while at night put on the belt to fix obtained result. What is for extender - used it 2 times a week for 2 hours. In addition, I was afraid of losing erection, but there is nothing like that - on the contrary it has even improved. So I’m quite satisfied with result and that is why my comment is just positive.

Don , Age : 31 , Time of use: 4 months .

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