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Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO

Professionally, quickly

Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO
Old price : 349.00
New price : $249.00
  • Completely painless wearing
  • Glans full protection during wearing under clothes
  • Glans enlargement due to vacuum
  • UVIPE @SYSTEM@ bars protracting system
  • Max length 11,61 in.
  • 100% natural non-deforming materials
  • Universal, fits to men from 3,15 in. erected
Enlargement vacuum system
DVD with guidelines
3 caps for any size
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  • Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO - 1
  • Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO - 2
  • Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO - 3
  • Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO - 4
  • Vacuum penis extender Uvipe PRO - 5

UVIPE PRO is a professional vacuum extender designed for penis enlargement. 

Uvipe PRO is one of the best vacuum extenders in the market. It offers a series of well-made and properly designed components that are used in tandem with the extender to give quality penis enlargement experience. With a maximum of 11.61 inches of possible length, the Uvipe PRO is called a 'penis extender pro' for a reason. It combines high technologies of penis enlargement. Thanks to UVIPE @SYSTEM@ it’s possible to adjust tension keeping the extender on. High durability of silicone components and universal system of caps allow using UVIPE PRO for a long time. 50 m patch for penis winding is included in the extender kit. The average period of UVIPE PRO use to get results is 5-6 hours per day. How to get a bigger dick? Uvipe PRO is the best solution. This shows that the Uvipe PRO is a smartly manufactured product with unprecedented results.

Please, note - we cannot guarantee results, its individual and can varies

Penis enlargement vacuum technology is the most comfortable so far. As distinct from mechanical extenders, vacuum extenders fix heads much closely owing to greater circumference area and vacuum. Moreover, keeping penis sensibility is another great advantage of vacuum devices.

Owing to innovation protracting system, you can increase and decrease loads keeping on an extender! This allows you to wear it much longer and achieve better results. All you need to do is to protract bars turning middle heads

Bars antibacterial polished surface prevents allergic responses and well works in case of different penis curvatures

3 plastic caps for glans of various sizes are included in the kit. It makes UVIPE PRO entirely universal and suitable to a penis of any starting size

UVIPE PRO has large kit prolonging its use considerably. We made actually qualitative and wearproof non-deforming components. Useful time of each silicone component is more than 1000 hours of use!

Thanks to longer sessions and wear periods you can achieve more effective results regarding penis straightening and Peyronie’s disease treatment

UVIPE PRO kit includes 1 inch*5m – 50 m patch. It will allow you to enlarge your penis for a long time

UVIPE PRO is one of the largest extenders all over the world. It allows enlarging the penis to 11,61 in. erected.

Glans fixation area is very important indicator of extender wear comfort. The larger it is, the more comfortable extender is owing to equal distribution of load

As distinct from mechanical extenders wear time of vacuum UVIPE PRO is short since you can easily adjust tension degree, as a result effectiveness is improved and wear time is decreased

The extender kit includes DVD disc with detail instruction regarding penis enlargement technique. Successful result guarantee!

Owing to closed system the glans is completely protected against external irritants. It’s convenient to use UVIPE PRO under clothes

We provide 12 months guarantee for UVIPE PRO

In case of zero result during first three months, we guarantee 100% refund!


Cap 3 pcs.
Upper platform
Silicone cap 2 pcs
Silicone sleeve 2 pcs
Air exhausting pipe
Patch 50 m
DVD disc


The market is full of steel and silver extenders but none of the extenders possess the 24K gold bars that are used to formulate this special extender. The gold helps in keeping the product hygienic and shields it from any sorts of stains or abrasion. Moreover, additional different sized bars are also provided for a larger push to the penis. In case a person is satisfied with the already attached bar size of the extender then there is no need to add the extensions. If not, then the extra bars can be further added to the existing ones. The plastic cap comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Uvipe recognizes that its different customers would have different glans sizes therefore, it has provided three different sizes to accommodate everyone. 

The vacuum penis extender is made with safety first in mind. Hence, the protective silicone cap is another non-deforming well-made component that is necessary to protect the glands from the vacuum. It is swiftly placed over the glans, also known as the dick head, to avoid any contact with the vacuum. The same is the purpose of the 50m of plaster also known as the patch. The sleeves that connect the penis with the vac extender is also made of top-class silicone. The idea behind the use of silicone is to enhance the durability of the product and at the same time, make it effective. And the last is the air exhaust pipe that gives the all-important vacuum effect to this dick vacuum extender.

Unlike the penis hanging devices, the PRO extender can be hidden under the clothes.


It is important to note that the Uvipe PRO can be worn at any time of the day underneath any clothes. It is non-detectable and does not irritate the wearer as well. When the penile vacuum extender is properly lying on the side or left inside a boxer, it would not interfere with the work or daily routine of the user. It is designed in such a proficient manner that it is highly comfortable. As compared to the old-fashioned mechanical vacuums that would cause damage to the penis and would also be very discomforting, the Uvipe PRO is everything but that. Its state of the art technology has helped countless people in achieving their goal of a longer penis without enduring any pain. 

It is essential that a user must wear this penile vacuum extender for at least 5-6 hours in a day to fetch utmost benefits. The user can also increase or decrease the load or size of the extender during usage to make it more comfortable for the user. It is an important factor because, with time, a person may not be requiring the full-length extension. Instead, they may be more than content with the size of their penis.

If you have problems with potency, then in combination with prostate massager for men - an extender will give the best result.


While there may be many penis extenders in the markets, hardly can anyone match the outstanding results of the Uvipe PRO. It is the only product that gives a 12 months guarantee of the product and its quality. And another 3 months warranty for results. If a user does not experience any change in the size of their penis during the first 3 months of usage, then Uvipe will offer a complete money back guarantee. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy a genuine product from a genuine and renowned company. has a history of offering several penis enlargements and sexual pleasure products and its PRO is another in the list of proven products. When an erected penis can increase up to 11+ inches then there is no need of using pills and creams. The latter have many side effects and neither do they guarantee definite results. There is a reason that Uvipe is called a consumer caring company.