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Currency $ р.
UVIPE company is a relatively young but promising company engaged in penis enlargement issues. We’re ready for cooperation with everyone from doctors and sex shops to people who just want to earn!
  • 100% payment guarantee!  We can conclude a Partner Agreement
  • Money withdrawal to Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Money Gram, Unistream
  • Partners withdraw money once at the end of each month
  • User interface for each partner!
  • Sales and click-through conversion detail statistics
  • Your clients’ behavioral factor analysis!
  • Fixed benefits:
    • UVIPE OPTIMA - 24.99$.
    • UPIVE GIBRID - 34.99$
    • UVIPE PRO - 69.99$
    • UVIPE MAX+ - 99.99$
You have a high-traffic website, FORUM, BLOG or STORE?

Great! Make banners – we’ll record clicks and you’ll earn on sales. At average 72,25$ per sale!

  • UVIPE OPTIMA - 24.99$.
  • UPIVE GIBRID - 34.99$
  • UVIPE PRO - 69.99$
  • UVIPE MAX+ - 99.99$

For example: 4 paid orders per day provide average partner remuneration in the amount of 250$ per day!

You have a store specializing in sex products sale?
  • Great! Just sell our products at our prices to our buyers, and we’ll send them to buyers’ addresses. Entirely secure cooperation!
  • All you need to do is to present our products at our prices and enter customer’s data when ordering.
  • For example, you sold UVIPE PRO costing 249$. Client pays this sum to you and you pay us 6000 rub.
  • In case Client want to pay the order as received, you pay 179$, we send you the product at specified address with an option of further shipping.
You have a sex shop and you want to buy products wholesale?
  • Great! Buy our products wholesale, become a representative and earn on sales!
  • We sell our products at wholesale prices! You need to create a wholesale buyer’s account on our website to become our wholesale partner and check wholesale prices. MOQ is 5 pcs of each product represented in the store.
You`re a doctor or you have a clinic?Great! Recommend and sell our products and earn!

We actively cooperate with clinics and medical stations. You can buy products at discounted prices for your patients, help in enlargement and earn money! In order to buy products as a health worker you need to create Doctor’s account. You’ll have the opportunity to buy products at wholesale prices. Tradeable amount of one type – 3 pcs

  • Great! Become our partner! Recommend our website to our friends, spread information with your code in your city and gain!
  • You’re a common person who wants to earn some money? It’s possible! How does it work?
  • You should advertise our products to make buyers enter discount code (which you make up). As a result, they get 5% discount in the store and you – partner remuneration in the amount of 25% from the purchase sum. For example, Uvipe PRO costs 249$ rubles. When entering a code, Client gets 5% discount, i.e. total (without shipping cost) is 236.55$, and your remuneration is 69.99$ rubles from each sale of Uvipe PRO! All you need to do is to spread information on our new products – using flyers, papers, newspapers and the Internet!


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