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Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device

Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device
Old price : 229.00
New price : $145.00
Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device 5 out of 5 (ratings 1)

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How to make your dick bigger with hanger? Penis enlargement surgery is real trouble. You can use penis extenders to larger and bigger your penis and do maximum enlargement. How to enlarge penis? View Uvipe Hanger!

  • Innovation system of vacuum  hanging
  • The fastest system of penis enlargement
  • Penis head double protection
  • Large kit, including 75 m patch
  • Video instructions for use in 12 languages
  • No loss of penis skin color
  • Durable silicone components
  • 12 month guarantee
5 out of 5
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  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 3
  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 4
  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 5
  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 6
  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 7
  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 8
  • Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device - 9


Over centuries, men have resorted to different ways and methods of increasing their penis size. The conventional methods included exercising of/with the penis, oiling of the penis but, undoubtedly the oldest and the most successful way of growing the length of the penis has been via using penis hangers. Men have tried attaching different objects such as stones and rocks to their penis to increase its length. While doing so, they did witness considerable success but at the same time suffered from nerve weakening or damage, loosening, and darkening of the penis skin. Therefore, the entire experiment had more demerits than merits.

The penis has been a matter of concern or confidence for any male, depending on the small or large size of it. Hence as technology has evolved over the years, new and safe methods are introduced to increase the size of a male dick. Some are more painful and more successful while others are completely opposite. But, for the very first time, Uvipe has introduced safe and effective penis hanging device called the Uvipe Hanger. The Uvipe Hanger includes the blend of the traditional method of penis weight system but without causing any damage to the penis, its cell or its skin.

Please, note - we cannot guarantee results, its individual and can varies

Please, note - we cannot guarantee results, its individual and can varies

1 Vacuum technology of penis enlargement – the most comfortable technology so far.

Thanks to more convenient use, the result of enlargement takes place much faster, over 200% faster as against mechanical technologies.

2 Vacuum handing Uvipe HANGER – the quickest possible result of penis enlargement with no loss of penis sensitivity and color!

A brand new, unparalleled technology! When hanging, the maximum down strain of the penis is used (thee most efficient method). Cells are divided proportionally, growth takes place both lengthwise and widthwise.

3 Uvipe HANGER fits to any penis regardless of its size!

The device is completed with 3 plastic caps - S, M, L – which fit to any head size, so you can use Uvipe HANGER no matter how big is your penis.

4 Increased wear-resistance of silicone components

Uvipe HANGER has a large kit, but more important, very durable components. The life time of each one is not less than 1000 hours of use, so you may not worry about their replacement and do not break the course of enlargement.

Please, note - we cannot guarantee results, its individual and can varies

5 75 m patch for head covering

Uvipe HANGER is completed with a special patch for covering 2,5 cm x 5 m, 15 pcs. This amount of patch is enough for the entire course of penis enlargement.

6 Chain and hooks made of zink stainless steel

Uvipe HANGER is completed with a special chain for hanging weights made of zink stainless steel and two hooks.

7 Head fixation area is over 1,55’’ or 10

Head fixation area is an important indicator of comfort when using. The greater area, the more comfortable the use of device. For example, mechanical devices area is 0,2-0,25 sq. inches.

8 The fastest growth among all existing devices for penis enlargement

You can use Uvipe Hanger for 1-1,5 hours per day and achieve stunning results. It’s recommended to make 3 approaches for about 20-30 minutes per day.

9 Penis head double protection

Uvipe HANGER uses the double system of the penis protection. Thus it’s safe from vacuum effect. When fixing, there’s no skin biting and various deformations.

10 Completed with a DVD disc

Uvipe HANGER is completed with a DVD disc with detail video instructions in 12 languages.

11 Guarantee for Uvipe HANGER Components - 12 months

We provide 12 month guarantee for device and all components!

12 Penis enlargement guarantee

If you have no results during first three months, we guarantee 100% money back and also full technical support on device use!


Cap – 3 pcs.
Patch to cover the penis - 75 m
DVD disc
Silicone caps – 2 pcs..
Silicone sleeves – 2 pcs.
Air exhausting pipe
Hook (2 pcs.)


While other penis hangers make claims, the Uvipe Hanger claims and delivers. It is the first ever vacuum penis hanger. Which means that besides increasing the size of the penis through hanging of weights, the vacuum system protects the penis from any vein damage, loosening or darkening of the skin. Normally, penis weight hangers directly hang the weights with the glans. But, with the Uvipe Hanger, that is not the case. Similar to other Uvipe penis enlargement product, like dick extenders, it also places a safety shield on top of the penis. The use of the plaster to cover the glans before placing the durable silicone cap along with the plastic cap on it. Once this is completed, only then is the vacuum created.

The plastic cap has a hook properly installed at the tip of it. The hook then goes into the snap hook of the chain. The chain already has weights attached to it before it is hung from the penis. The user is allowed to slowly and gradually increase the weights on the chain. At the start, 1.5 kg are attached and with time, 0.5 kg are recommended to be added to the existing ones. Furthermore, a person needs to use the vac penis hanger while standing or sitting to realize an utmost increase in size. The stretching exercise must be for at least 20 minutes before increasing it to 30 minutes after a while. It is important to note that a person must not let the weights touch the ground. While standing or sitting, the weights must be kept above ground level otherwise, results may differ. 


Though the increased size of the penis is always a preferable enhancement for men but it may look ugly if the penis has loose skin hanging excessively or the color of the penis is different to the rest of the body. The innovative safety shield of the Uvipe Hanger allows for the skin to be dragged out of plastic cap before the air is contracted out. This helps the user against loosening of the skin. While the penis may be circumcised, penis hanging device can cause the skin to hang disproportionately. Moreover, when the skin is stretched extensively, it also suffers from discoloration. A fair color skin can easily turn dark brown or black in such situations. But, the Uvipe Hanger has been made keeping these problems in sight. Therefore, even after extensive use of the device for months, there are no complaints of loosening of skin or darkening of the skin.

Also, if you really want to satisfy your girlfriend, order fingertip vibrating massager Maestro Love in our store.


It is always recommended that customers buy vacuum penis system from a certified website such as It will assist the user in getting a 12 months guarantee of Uvipe Hanger. In case the user faces any issues with the male enhancement product or a component of it, they can easily get it replaced. Uvipe also offers a 3 months guarantee on results. If a customer does not experience any increase in the size of their penis after 3 months of use, they will be refunded the entire amount of the product. 

Reviews Uvipe HANGER - vacuum penis hanging device (1) :
5 / 5

Night! As for today the increase has made almost 3 cm. of length and 1 cm. in volume. Wear extender for 6 hours a day for almost 5 months. Very pleased with the result. The extender is very comfortable. Also like the bars wringing system - quite convenient feature. My girl checked the result out too, however at first she couldn’t understand what’s the pitch, but then I’ve told her))) In general it’s all ok now, but I am going to continue wearing, up to the limit! Thank you very much!

Mike , Age : 19 , Time of use: 5 months .

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