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How to diversify a marriage

Making love with a new girlfriend, or even with a girl you have been dating with for a while, is not the same as having sex with your wife. People married a little differently perceive sex. For them, this "process" is the highest manifestation of a feeling of love and affection. During this "copulation" not only the bodies of the beloved are intertwined, but also hidden and obvious desires, thoughts, even dreams, to some extent! By the way, sex between married people includes concepts such as sexual culture, as well as literacy. Literacy in sex, literacy in emotions, literacy of spirit and body. These factors should make female orgasms unforgettable! Unfortunately, the lesser half of humanity, at least, would have heard of the term "sexual literacy". What to say about love physical ABC ... It's a pity, but if people do not have this knowledge, then sex can turn into routine, and even cease to give unforgettable feelings. Not everybody knows such sex tips for men. Surprisingly, even the sexual revolution, which not so long ago swept the whole world, is not strong Influenced the level of sexual literacy of people ...
It is not surprising that at present the lack of sexual literacy is one of the most acute and important problems of our society. One can imagine how much health, family happiness, and even fertility depend on sexual problems between people in relationships. Sexologists already pay some attention to this. After all, the mood and life of society is very dependent on these characteristics! Specialists calculated that such "illiteracy" resulted in seventy-five percent of divorces in the United States. In the UK there is a similar trend. The figures in our country are as follows: forty five percent of divorces are caused, among other things, by problems in the bed of married people.
What to do? Anyone who says that you need to make variety in bed, will, of course, be right. The best sex is the one that both like. Marriage, in which the partners completely satisfy each other - the best marriage! How to make a woman squirt in bed? For this, our unique vibrating sleeve Maestro Love is perfect! Buy on our website, and be happy!

Top-3 best ways to save your marriage
Is your marriage at risk? Do you want to bring passion back? Marriage is a long-term relationship based primarily on love and understanding. At the very beginning of family life, hormones and passions are ranging, but over time the spouses cool down. You should make quite an effort to save the marriage.
Rule 1. Be attentive to each other always and everywhere, do not lose respect for each other.
Rule 2. You should be able to spend free time without your second half, if you are always together, it might be perceived as a trap, and subconsciously she will look for an escape.
Rule 3. Here a great importance is given to the sexual aspect. Make sure that sex does not become routine. How to do it? Constantly try something new, change positions and change yourself. As a man, you can open a magic world of delight to your woman using squirt. A squirt coach will help you to properly stimulate the G- spot. Make a surprise to your second half, show her that you aspire for the new and do care about her and your marriage.

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