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What type of girls do men prefer?

Every man has its own set of the general preferences he uses while having a conversation with a girl. Let’s check it! So what girls are pleasant to real men? We will answer on behalf of all men.

Well, first of all - non-smoking women. Dear women, if you really consider a girl with a cigarette in her mouth to be beautiful and fashionable, we dare to disappoint you. It is not so. It is not beautiful and fashionable. Such girls are not sexy at all. Such “good-lookers“ usually brush all men off. Most of men are negative towards the smoking girls. What long-term relations can be with a girl who ruins her own health? Is that so that such girls don’t dream to become a mother?

Total abstainer women. I think, there is nothing to explain why men prefer such girls most of all!

Attentive girl who can listen. Sometimes men want attention and care. However, as any man alive. If a woman can listen, tries to understand interests and requirements - it means that she can interest any man, as everyone can understand when a person sincerely empathizes so it can help any man to be frank and place confidence in a girl. Confidence is one of the most important steps in relationships development between two people.

Womanish. Girls stop being a butch, put on jeans and take care of sexual equality. Be yourself! Stay womanish! Don’t carry out men`s duties! You need to show that you are weaker than men. It is quite easy. Men really like girls for being a "clinging" vine.

Sexy girls. Be beautiful and stay sexy! Men love with eyes so they choose girls who can inspire. Sexuality and feminity are two most powerful weapons of any woman.

Mysterious girl. Every woman should have her own little secret. A kind of riddle which is pleasant to solve. When a man knows everything about a woman, his interest towards her disappears. It becomes quite enough for him. Here comes the end of relationships. Therefore, every woman should always have a small secret.

Kind and positive girl. Be kind, make jokes, smile and every man will fall in love with you! A woman whose face exudes joy attracts more men. A shining example is Marilyn Monroe. Her face constantly exuded joy. For this reason she was popular with men.

Who takes the first place? The first place is taken by those women who like sex! How one can learn and do that? Everything is quite simple. All you need is to buy finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love. By means of Maestro Love you will be able to get maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse in equal measure with your man while your sex will turn into something unforgettable. You can become a perfect woman today!

It is an open secret that men like different types of girls and a lot of things depend on the communication purpose. Do you want to know what girls seem to be the most attractive to men? Watch our video TOP-5 types of girls which are pleasant to every men up to the end! The 5th place of our TOP goes to the girls with independent temper and proud bearing. Such ladies are a bit too purposeful and always know what they want: mostly they are well-built, tall; they have a perfect manicure and sense of style. The 4th place is taken by the ladies whose temper is less obstinate. They are well-groomed and always keep their end up. Still, you can't call them unscrupulous! The 3rd place of the TOP is taken by so-called "charming ninnies". By nature they are beautiful and naive. You will never get bored with such girls! As a rule, they don't have ample curves, but it doesn't spoil their appearance. Girls striving for naturalness take the 2nd place of our TOP. It is remarkable that they often possess a fine figure, don't go too far with cosmetics and manicure. And, at last, pretty blondes with curvy shapes and a pleasant voice timbre take the 1 place of our TOP. Usually such ladies use their charm to achieve their goals! So... be on your guard!

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