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The hottest sex positions

Do you want to add to your life a little bit of physical activity? Then try sex is not as usual, and refer to this in the kamasutra. Of course there is no specific section with sex poses "for physical activities", but conditionally highlight a couple is still possible.

Capricorn- perfectly strengthens the back and lumbar region, for that would have to repeat it to start just to need stand on the back about the wall stretching her legs.

Elephant- add a little volume of the biceps and strengthen the back, because you have to keep the girl in his arms in front of yourself.

Asian Cowgirl-who would have thought that the classic warm up wrestlers and gymnasts, to improve the flexibility of the back and can be to use for sex. Practice it often and the back problems will not be!

How many times you can push-ups on the hands or just stand on your hands in this position, these skills will be useful in the position “Scorpio” as it requires total physical fitness with their own weight. The load in this sex position comes on the muscles of the arms, back, lumbar, press, and muscles legs.

Engaged not only in the room or on the sport site, but also at home with the girl, then the results appear.

You can read this subtitle to our video.

Are you tried to have sex gently and tenderly? Alternatively, maybe you want to become a real beast in bed. TOP- 5 poses for passionate sex. Part one

Fifth place. Girl standing leans forward and lifts one leg up. The man enters her from behind holding her leg.

In the fourth place, the Woman becomes the bridge legs apart. The person holding the partner's breast and enters her.

Third place. The person is slightly bent, and the girl sits on his hips, hugging his legs and leaning back, leaning his arms on his knees.

The second and very beautiful pose. The person standing and the girl her legs wrapped his hips getting to the bridge.

Well, the winner and first place is the position where the Woman lies on her back, stretching one leg out to the side and the other up along his body. Her partner sits on top and holding her legs enters her.

For more details, you can see our video clip, or you can view the g spot sex toy description on our website.

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