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The best positions for concieving

If you decide to conceive a child, in addition to the special item pose for the conception, which you can see in our video or subtitles, you must also comply with other rules that make conception fast and efficient.

First - you need to quit smoking and this applies to both women and men. Because nicotine is penalized for sperm motility and their education. In addition, while smoking in the female body decreases production of active sex hormones.

The second is careful not to take medicament especially antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. If you ill set aside conception until recovery.

The third is necessary to reduce the aerobic activity, if any. If you do nothing and lead a sedentary lifestyle and you have overweight, it is necessary to start to move more, for example, enter a short jog in the morning.

You need control nutrition remove from the ration fat and spicy food and do not overeat, you do not need to sit on a diet for weight loss as it affects again to the production of hormones.

If you follow with these recommendations, the problems with conceiving you will not have.

You can read this subtitle to our video.

If you are planning to conceive a child, and besides you still have the issue with the selection of the best positions in sex - this video is for you.

TOP- 5 sex positions for pregnancy.

Pose number five. The woman lies on her back, raising her legs vertically straight. A man sits in front of a woman on her knees, spreading her legs apart.

Fourth position - Woman lies on her belly and spreads his legs apart. The man leans on his hands and enters the woman.

The third posture is "on the side". The woman lies on her side, pressed his knees, the man also on his side, is attached at the rear.

The second is a pose of "dog." A woman stands on his knees, leaning on elbows, man behind woman. This is one of the best positions for conception.

The most common position for conception is the "missionary position". Man on top, woman underneath. Great pose for a "close" contact, but she can do differently.

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For more details, you can see our video clip, or you can view the product description on our website: penile enlargers.

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