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The most interesting things about girls wearing high heels

Shoes are one of the main things in every girl’s wardrobe. As well as dresses, they have different colors, forms and styles. But are they so important to girls? Why do women wearing high heels feel more comfortable in their own skin? Why do all girls go crazy when they see a new pair of shoes in a show-window? In our article we will tell you about all subtleties of women’s footwear perception.

In reality it is all about psychology. For example when a girl tries shoes with a flat sole, she doesn't feel any changes. Such footwear allows getting ready extremely quickly. No doubts, it is a very convenient option when one needs to hurry. In such footwear there is no danger to sprain a leg. Nevertheless, wearing heels, it is necessary to move slowly as there is a risk of ankle injury. Despite possible inconveniences, this footwear has an irreplaceable advantage – efficiency. Nothing can decorate a dress as brightly as stiletto shoes can. Girls wearing heels feel superiority over others as their look is perfect; their shoulders are beautiful just like their body shape, so such a girl look more attractive! High heels always help in adding elegance to one’s image if clothes are not as beautiful as shoes. Moreover, girls wearing heels are much more pleasant to men. Why? It is simple; the first thing a man pays attention to is female legs. Legs are the most attractive part of female body to the majority of men and for this reason legs should be or at least look perfect. High heels help visually extend legs while. They make legs look more harmonious and fit.

As everything in this world, high heels have their advantages and disadvantages. Shortcomings consist in the following: when you spend the whole day on heels, legs will get tired resulting in discomfort. But as the old saying goes: "beauty demands sacrifice". Besides, high heels are intended for walking on a plain surface therefore they aren't really practical.

If you need something more creative, than a pair of high-heeled shoes, order Finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love and get maximum pleasure from sex!

Girls are beautiful. Especially girls wearing heels, isn't it? Watch the video “TOP-5 sexy girls wearing high heels” and give it thumbs-up! Even ladies of small stature look amazing in high heels. Ever noticed that? Now, the last but not the least place of the top is reserved for the ladies, with incredible natural charm and dazzling forms. Girls, whose forms are a bit more modest don’t really look less impressive in high heels, and therefore they take the fourth place. Are you interested? We are moving on! The third place is occupied by flexible and skinny girls who are as light as a feather. In second place we can see tall girls who look like models. And finally, number one is girls with feminine and sporty bodies and moderately rounded shapes.

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