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Best way to get perfect sex

You remember your past girlfriends! How do they behave with you during sex?

Was it crazy passionate sex with orgasms, or it was quiet and peaceful without enthusiasm.

How often girl after sex say you compliments on the similarity of the fact that you are a sexual giant and it was the best sex lately. If you have not heard of this about myself, then you obviously need to change something. In addition, most likely you need to enlarge your penis by pecker stretcher or revise the tactics of sex

Let us start with the basics. How are you warming up the girl? In addition, what are you doing that would make it?

If you think, you need to do a couple of kisses, after which you can safely go on the offensive this is an erroneous assumption.

Many times it has been proved that the girls is very important prelude to her concerns, even the environment in which you are going to have sex is important even smell and lighting.

You should not rush things as much as possible or at least to pretend that it is not in a hurry to go to "the main dish".

For warm up, offer a girl a massage and do it, you should doing whole body massage from the feet to the necks, you do not treat her arthritis, you warmed up her for sex!

Then, when she is most relaxed, get it your main surprise - sex toy that will make her squirt. With it, you can maximally excite the girl and bring her to jet orgasm!

If you are not ready to implement all these recommendations, and you are not a fan of all those kisses and foreplay, or your girlfriend is not one of those who like a long time to tinker before sex.

So take it by force! You can play loud music, only just let it be not Justin Bieber, or not radio voice of America.

Let it be anything from hard rock or severe black turnip. Therefore, you will be able to talk and shout during sex and not worry about what the neighbors will hear it all.

Leaf through the Kamasutra and choose those pose where you can the most dominate. Find unusual place for sex in your house, it can be a kitchen table or floor in the bedroom. Well, whatever it was all cool and most brutal need to increase the penis.

Lengthening the penis, you will be able to bring the girl to orgasm anywhere and without any serious effort and preludes.

You need choose the way of a perfect sex!

For more details, you can see the description of how to enlarge your penis with the help of special extender devices on our website.

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