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Prefect female breasts

According to the long-term researches, more than sixty percent of women aren't happy with their breast shape. Let alone ordinary girls when we see that such cinema stars as Gwyneth Paltrow aren't happy with their breasts postpartum and want to rich the ideal form. Nowadays, plastic surgery is using innovative techniques and special ways which can make any shape of a breast perfect even in the most difficult situations.

Breast shape trends are constantly changing: a magnificent breast, then one with an accurate form was popular, and recently the increasing popularity in the Internet is has been gained by beautiful girls with absolutely flat breast. But you shouldn't forget about the following lines of a perfect breast which despite fashion, remain invariable:

• The ideal breast is symmetric with an identical shape of mammary glands.

The perfect breast is tightened, a bust resilient and has no defects.

• Papillas are above subthoracal cords and if to specify, it is on the level of the middle shoulders. Sagging is absent.

• The lower part of breast is usually well filled and beautifully rounded.

• There is a smooth line from a clavicle and to a papilla.

• The distance between breasts takes no more than three or four centimeters.

• Moreover, the size of a perfect breast is always in harmony with a body and its proportions.

Very small amount of girls can brag of a perfect breast as quite often girls have acquired or congenital defects of a breast shape. The shape always excites male imagination. Undoubtedly, a good size matters, but you shouldn't forget about clothes. There is a huge number of underwear shops where every girl can get a push-up, a special bra which is capable of raising a breast and making it more attractive! In such a way it is possible to please yourself and your beloved one, but it is not the best way!

If you want to derive maximum pleasure from sex that you will never forget, finger vibe sleeve for squirting Maestro Love is the device you need most of all! Order Maestro Love now and be happy!

Do you want to know what the most widespread breast forms are and which of them are the most pleasing to male eye? Watch the video “TOP-5 naturally perfect female breasts”, and you will find the answer to these questions. And don’t forget to give it a big thumbs-up! The fifth place belongs to small and neat conically-shaped breast. It looks pretty good, isn’t it? The fourth place is occupied by girls whose breasts have a narrow base and round bottom area – not a common breast shape, right? And that makes it unique! The third place goes to girls "teardrop" breast shape which looks great in any bra. Girls with widely spaced breasts take the second place. And on the first place there are girls with round and the right shape of the breast. That's really perfect!

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