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Sex hacks for men

If you want to know the secrets of sex and how to become more desirable to the girls then you should learn some of the subtleties that will be useful to you with the fair sex, when you have sex.

How to bring the girl to orgasm?  Every men should have his own method in this issue, but if you have not yet invented, you can use the standard set for this.

  • First. Touch. Try to interact with the entire body of a girl, then the formula is simple, that with a larger area his body you meet, the more excited she gets.
  • Second. Suggest during sex change sex position and do it more often. Since at girl the different preferences in sex, do not always pose for sex who liked your ex-girlfriend, will suit your new girl
  • Third. Change the location for sex. Of course, not all girls like extreme sex, but to move out of the bedroom to the kitchen for sex for sure will not be superfluous.
  • Finally, the fourth secret of sex for men, having that, you can stand out among dudes, and just to impress a girl. It is finger vibrator for G-spot stimultaion Maestro love.

The small device that fits in the palm of your hand can to bring the girl to orgasm jet for one minute.

You can read this subtitle to our video.

Hello. Are you a man? Alternatively, a woman? It doesn't matter because sex, normal sex, doing both halves

TOP 5 secrets to sex for men. We recommend you watch until the end

  • The fifth secret. This is a prelude. Often do you do it? If not, it will take more time. Kissing and petting one of the bright components of sex
  • The fourth secret. Try during sex, pull the penis out of the vagina for approximately 15 seconds – this method contributes not only break, but also the continuation of sexual intercourse at the same pace.
  • In third place sex lubricant. You tried it. Friction can deliver a lot of discomfort, and lubrication helps not only to pleasure but also to extend his
  • Second secret. There are desires and fantasies of your women. What she wants today? What would you dominated or is it? In addition, depending on this choose the right poses.
  • In addition, the main secret. Bring a woman to jet orgasm. This is the most unusual and interesting of all orgasms. To achieve this the easiest way is by using a squirt coach Maestro Love. Do not forget to like and subscribe to the channel. We wish you good sex

For more details, you can see our video clip, or you can view the product description on our website.

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