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Appetizing female forms

At different times men considered different types of female figure to be perfect. Fashion indoctrinated trends so that stout women were as popular in ancient times as slender girls are nowadays. But nevertheless, what defines the standard of beauty? Where appear certain parameters of a female figure which reflect and represent fashion? 

By all means figure is a prosperity indicator. It's always been the case. In the ancient times corpulent women were the most beautiful. It was believed that if a woman weighs much, she is able to afford good and expensive food and can easily give birth to many healthy children. Nowadays, all men hung up on beefy body and a fit figure as it shows that the girl has a good prosperity, at least she can afford a constant visit to the gym, sunbed and moreover, she has a free time. In addition, if a woman maintains her beauty by cosmetic procedures or plastic surgeries it is visible at once and not everyone is capable of affording such a pleasure as sometimes such operations can cost a pretty penny.

There has always been a myth about 90-60-90. But, it is only a myth and nothing else. But as we know – in every joke there is an element of truth, so myths can't appear just from nowhere. Thin models are favorable in the modern industry of beauty. The reason is television. It is known that on the screen people look much fatter than in real life. That is why thin girls look more effectively in videos. Besides, it is much easier for designers to work with thin girls as they can sew fewer clothes and if all girls have approximately one size, they can substitute each other. As we know, many popular fashion designers started to work in 80th and 90th when it was fashionable to parade nonconventional orientation. Therefore, fashion designers often wanted to see thin girls as they were similar to awkward young men.

Earlier standards of beauty were dictated by art, but nowadays art has been replaced by cinematography. Today female beauty parameters are shown in films. In the forties there were Ingrid Bergman and Katharine Hepburn, in the sixtieth – Sophia Loren, in the ninetieth – Demi Moore and Julia Roberts, and today it is Scarlett Johansson.

If you want to make your sex life better, Maestro Love can help you with it! Many couples have kept their relationships thanks to relaxedness and a wish to try something new. Order Maestro Love today and derive maximum pleasure from sex!

2017 is coming to an end. What changes will 2018 bring us? What female forms will be considered the best? To find this out, watch the video “TOP-5 most appetizing female forms 2018” and leave your comments. Fifth place in our Top-2018 is taken by girls with model forms, a kind of always teen girls. In fourth place there come girl whose curvy shapes are a real magnet for male gaze, because they have everything: breasts and buttocks! We’ll give the third place to girls with a decent muscle mass. These ladies can definitely stand up for themselves! The second place is traditionally occupied by girls with feminine shapes – wide hips, narrow shoulders, thin waists. And finally, there are women with moderately fit forms. These girls really deserve male attention!

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