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Finding of the G-spot with your fingers

Let's talk about orgasm. What do you know about him? Do you need some sex education or love advice? What are the types of female orgasm? What is Squirt? All in order.
Men have no problems achieving orgasm. Evolutionally, the man has an orgasm associated with ejaculation and fertilization of a woman, a partner. And a woman's orgasm is connected with keeping a man. To create and strengthen long-term relationships.In addition, women have several types of orgasm. Women have erogenous zones, the correct simulation of which will cause sensations of orgasm.
So, what is a "G-spot"? Where is the G-spot? In 1950, Ernst Grafenberg described the erogenous zone, which is located on the front wall of the vagina. However, it is difficult to stimulate this erogenous zone solely because zones adjacent to the G-spot are also stimulated.
In fact, all the studies of the G-spot are rather disjointed. There are several g-spot facts Together, many scientists conclude that women can experience different types of orgasm. Clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation or a combination of them can cause different reactions and emotions. However, signals from these erogenous zones (including those from the female breast) come to one area of the brain, but in different sectors. This also applies to a phenomenon such as Squirt orgasm.
This information is an excellent food for thought. If you and your partner are having trouble with achieving orgasm, we can give one piece of advice - study each other, study your bodies! If everything was so simple - clicked "button", and here is an orgasm for you. How to stimulate the g-spot?Massage G-spot - what you need!Try our Maestro Love squirt massager, it surely will bring you a whole gamut of emotions!

How To Find The G-Spot With Your Fingers?

G-spot is known since 1950 thanks to Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist. However, it received special attention only in 1980-s as cases of women having squirt “jet orgasm” became more frequent. Where is it located? It’s not the spot, but the area on the front wall of the vagina located 2-5 cm away from the entrance. Exploring the upper vaginal wall  man can find a kind of roughness in this area. Proper stimulation of G-spot can lead to an unusual orgasm. You can stimulate it with fingers or using special devices. The G-spot stimulator toy Maestro Love is sure to help you! Using it a woman will easily find her G-spot and get a true firework of sensations!

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