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Hottest sex positions compilation

In a previous article, we looked pose for sex that will keep on our toes men during sex.

Now we will look at poses for girls that want to sweat. As is known the female body is more flexible, but less strong than men, so the main emphasis is on sex poses in which will present elements of acrobatics and gymnastics.

Pose «Balance and squats». The girl will need to crouch while standing on the edge of bed, but difficulty lies in fact that you need to keep the back flat that would not lose balance.

Pose «Scales» - women should have a good stretch because she would do the splits.

Pose «Dumbbell». In it, the girl will need to keep the leg straight while standing on the floor. It will take an enormous longitudinal stretching, without stretching nothing happens.

Pose «Waterfall» woman should arch the back in the form of bridge and stand in it   pose, the back need keep in tonus and muscles at the same time very well will stretch.

Here's an interesting overview of sex poses for beginners couples who want to diversify sex and add physical exercise  and keep your body the in good shape always.

You can read this subtitle to our video.

Have you seen our first rating? However, you will not see! TOP-5 cool poses for passionate sex. Part two.

Fifth place. The girl lies on a lounge chair on the back, lift one leg up and the other pulling to his chest. The person standing back behind her log, holding her legs.

In fourth position, the girl lies back and lifts one leg up to your head. The person injects penis from behind, holding her leg. The third pose. The person sitting on the step, leaning back. A girl sits on his penis back on her partner and showing smooth legs in the second, place Girl standing face to partner and throws one leg on his arm. The man clutching her tightly to himself and entered a woman.

Finally, the best pose. A man on his knees leans back and the girl sits on his penis from above.

For more details, you can see our video clip, or you can view the fingertip vibrating massager description on our website.

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