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The winners of "Miss World"

Every girl in her life dreams to win the "Miss World" title. Even if a girl says that she has never been thinking of it, it is a lie. Women really like when the people around not only discuss their beauty, but when a credentialed expert gives her the prize for her beauty! Self-assessment grows like a house on fire!

Very few people know it, but an Englishman is considered to be the first organizer of this contest. His name is Eric Morley. At the beginning of his career, Eric Morley worked in Mecca as an advertising agent and during his work he put forth an idea of making a beauty contest. During the first contest, the finalist has received one thousand pounds and an opportunity to appear in the newspaper as a prize. How does the old prize differ from the modern one? There are a few things, for example: all the prize money goes to charity funds while the girl is to spend a year in London and do some charity work. The only thing a winner takes is a crown which costs a pretty penny and looks amazing. If one wanted to take part in the contest she should be younger than seventeen years old and not lower than 172 centimeters in the first contest. The contest caused a public stir! That's why after the first contest, Julia Morley and her husband Eric registered the company in order to become the official founders. After that there were a large number of similar contests. Besides “Miss World” there exist contests with different names like "Miss Universe" and "Ms. Earth". They are considered to be the most famous contests in the world. The audience of the final contest has always been the biggest one as TV broadcasts it in more than 200 countries. The main American contest "Miss Universe" is mostly won by the Americans (7 winners) while in England during their "Miss World" contest six victories were gained by the Venezuelans while Englishwomen and Indians took the second place with five victories from each country.

If you think you are better than any "Miss World" and you want to feel maximum pleasure from sex, think of Maestro Love and order it right now! Maestro Love is preferred by a large number of women while men receive pleasure. Try to please each other every day as that is the main secret of perfect relationships!

Miss World is an annual international festival of beauty. Its aim is to distinguish the most beautiful girl from a great number of different girls. Would you like to see TOP-5 most beautiful Miss World? All you need is to watch this video up to the end and give it a big thumb up! Girls from different countries participate in this contest. Certainly, it is very difficult to choose the best one! As a result of the analysis we have carried out, we’ve made the following list of typical contestants. The last but not the least place of a top is taken by girls possessing attractive smile and coffee with milk skin color. It is fantastic, isn't it? Let's go further! The fourth place goes to ladies whose appearance has a set of eastern lines: almond eyes, swarthy skin. Girls whose hair is magnificent and natural, while a set of the features is perfect take the third place. The second place is taken by charming European women. And, at last, the first place is taken by towhead ladies of Slavic appearance. Have you already watched "Miss World"? Hurry up!

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