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How to get a girl's phone number in a bar?

If you want to get a girl’s phone number in a bar, you should develop a connection by talking, hanging out and getting to know her better (your conversation should be from 10 minutes to 2 hours) before getting her phone number. However, you will usually be able get a phone number purely on attraction alone.

Well, what should you say to ask a girl for her phone number in a bar? After making her feel attracted to you, simply say:

  • You: You know it’s been cool talking to you. Do you want to talk again sometime?
  • Her: Sure, that would be cool.
  • You: Okay. Hand her your phone and open it to the part where she can input her name and number. Okay. I’ll give you a call sometime. Maybe you can take me out on an expensive dinner.
  • Her: (Laughing) No! You have to take me out!
  • You: Okay, if you insist! I’ll call and say hello sometime.

If she is single, a woman will almost always be happy to give her phone number to a confident guy who can make her feel attracted. She has no reason not to do it. Still, if you make one of the following mistakes, she may reject your request and give you a classic line like, “I don’t give my number to guys that I meet in bars” or ask you, “Why do you want my number?” to put you on the spot and see how you react.

Some guys make a mistake of behaving in an overly-formal manner asking if it is ok to get the woman’s phone number, or whether she wants to see him again. Both of those approaches usually get rejected because a woman doesn’t want to feel like she is doing him a favor or is already in charge of leading the relationship. To avoid being rejected, try to understand whether or not she wants to speak to you again and then tell her to write her phone number. Ask her. “Hey, it’s been good talking to you. Would you like to chat again sometime?”

If a woman is interested, she will usually give a guy a lot of chances to make a move and either get her number, kiss her, get her alone to talk one on one or take her home for sex. As long as you have made her feel attracted to you, there is no need to worry about being rejected.

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At least once in his life every man happens to experience the following situation: hanging out in a bar he sees a beautiful girl sitting alone, but has no bravery to come to her. What prevents you from doing that? It’s extremely easy when you know some life hacks. Which ones? Watch our video "TOP 5 ways to get a girl’s phone number in a bar" and do not forget to give it a like! Of course, there are some situations when the girl of your dreams is sitting at the bar while you stand motionless, let alone taking her phone number. So, when you've decided that you want to earn the girl’s interest, the only thing you need to remember is to be confident. If you just talk to her and then demand that she give you her phone number, then you are sure to be left with nothing. Girls like men who are not only confident, but also friendly. Try to make the girl a nice compliment. A good compliment will not leave her indifferent. Invite her to a restaurant where you can chat in a quiet environment. Be sincere in your actions and words, and you’ll get her phone number effortlessly. Enjoy your pleasing encounters!

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