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Improbable Female Hips

When a girl wants to get her hooks into a man, she tries to look as attractive as possible. The first thing women would like to change is their figure. In order to achieve the goal and look as attractive as the models from magazine covers, girls go hard: go on a diet, do sports and so on. But what is perfect female figure as seen by the eyes of men?

Scientists from different countries have conducted numerous surveys concerning female appearance. It has turned out that 90-60-90 is out of fashion. Of course, opinions differ, but still there is a certain type of girls which is pleasant to men. A long ago, fat girls with curvy shapes were fashionable, then thin girls took their place. According to men’s opinion, today a perfect female figure is the one with symmetric proportions. The sizes of hips, breasts and waists are due in no small part to. 

• Thin girls should have roundish proportions if they want to draw attention to their figure. It is the best of all when hips and breast are of one size while the waist is less. Such figure suits girls with low height best of all. Men love such type of appearance as they begin to feel like defenders when they take care of their soulmate. 

• Women with curvy shapes attract men not less and sometimes even more than the above mentioned ones. Usually such girls are chosen for long relationships. According to the researches, men of a low social status or men whose mothers have approximately the same forms love such women. It should be noted that completeness should be moderate as drooping sides and a big stomach can attract nobody.

• Athletic frame is probably the most popular type of women. Such body type is loved by all men. Moderately pumped stomach, beautiful hips and a breast of average size are the way to a man's heart. But one shouldn't forget that pumped-over body is capable of pushing a man away as well as attracting him. It is worth striking a balance to do sports moderately.

If you have a desire to diversify your sex life, there is an excellent device for couples. It’s Finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love. This device will be an excellent gift at every given opportunity. Make your sex unforgettable and relationships durable!

You just don't imagine how ideal a female body can be! Watch this video up to the end, and you will see the most improbable ideal female hips which will fascinate you! Don't forget to give a big thump up! TOP-5 IMPROBABLE FEMALE HIPS. The fifth place is taken by sporty and trained hips, but without bigotry. In the fourth place there are big thighs, but not deprived of elasticity. Nature gave an opportunity to have such hips to the Latin Americans. Hips with a small "gleam" get the third place. It is very popular type of female hips. Hips of "moderate type" not too trained and not too thin are at the second place. And, at last, the first place in our TOP goes to thin, shipshape hips! And for good reason! They are really beautiful!

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