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Ideal female figures

Every man dreams about a beautiful girl with a perfect figure. Nowadays, women try to be as attractive as possible. But how can one understand whether a man will choose her among others? Of course, it is necessary to have a good figure, but still a girl should what know what type of figure she possesses. Let's start with the fact that there are 4 types of figure: straight, hourglass, triangle or diamond and pear.

  • Straight: with such type of a figure, girls usually have identical width of hips and shoulders, their waist is poorly expressed and for this reason the figure looks like a rectangle. Such girls should eat healthy food for staying thin.
  • Hourglass: if you have an "Hourglass" type, you have narrow waist and identical size of breast and hips. It is the best constitution of all the types, as it is easier for such people to control their weight. If to do a set of exercises on different muscles, and it quickly disappears.
  • Diamond: with such kind of figure a girl has shoulders much wider than her hips. Usually, athletes or business women with narrow hips, harmonious legs and a sports constitution have such type of figure. With such constitution it is hard for them to lose weight. In this case, it is necessary to train buttocks and hips as much as possible in order to approach the form "hourglass". It is possible to do it by means of exercises for removing fat on a stomach. It is necessary to train, constantly repeating a set of special exercises. Just resort to an easier way and to buy a bicycle, skis, squat and use a racetrack.
  • Pear: if you have a "Pear" type, your hips will be wider than shoulders, and the upper half of your body is a little longer. Waist is, usually, average or narrow, while legs are fat and hands are thin. If to have a moderate physical activity, as a result, you will improve your body type. The main problem of this constitution is a large amount of fat. Therefore, don’t forget to carry out a set of exercises which will force some muscles to work at the same time. Jogging will be an excellent way out. Still, there is an advantage as women with such figure have beautiful back and shoulders, their faces are not fat and waist is well expressed.

If your girl possesses a wonderful figure, it means that you have a big desire to derive maximum pleasure from having sex. Finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love can help you with it. Make your woman happy and get maximum pleasure. Good luck!

Do you wonder what type of female figure can be called "a perfect" one? We will surprise you: actually there are five of them! Are you intrigued? Watch this video up to the end in order to see the most tremendous types of female figures and don't forget to give this video a big thumb up! TOP-5 MOST IDEAL FEMALE FIGURES. The last place of the TOP is taken by a Y-figure when shoulders are wider than hips. The fourth place is taken by a «squared» figure with brittle hips. On the third place there is a figure with round shapes and narrow waist. The "pear" type of figure takes the second place in our TOP! The honorable first place is taken by "hourglass" figure as it is incredibly feminine and exquisite! Just look at these forms!

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