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Best female buttocks

A growing number of men go crazy when they admire women. But what attracts their attention most of all? Did you think at least once about it? In 1600 fat women were the best and it was considered as a true beauty. If to look at fashion today, big breast got out of fashion while beautiful buttocks are really in it. At the moment there are four types of buttocks. Judging by its form one can understand what a girl is by nature. This article is useful not only to men but to girls and women who want to learn more about themselves with the help of the mirror. Moreover, there are some tips for women to change their buttocks form if they are not satisfied with it.

There are four types of female buttocks: square, bubble, heart and v-shaped. Let's discuss each type in order to bring the issue to a close:

1) Square.

If a girl has square buttocks, then she has a good health and good endurance. In case you are a girl and you would like to change your type of buttocks, you can round it off. For that to happen it is necessary to do leg exercises when you lie on one side. The easiest raising of legs will be effective while extension and inclinations can consolidate achievements.

2) Bubble.

Such type indicates perfect balance of an endocrine profile. Statistically, 95% of men prefer such girls. It is connected with the fact that such type of hips deliver healthy and clever babies. Moreover, it is much easier to give birth with such hips. To tighten buttocks, a girl can squat and do a backbend.

3) Heart.

Usually, such type of buttocks indicates deficiency of estrogen. To change the situation, a girl can eat healthy food and do Pilates.

4) V.

This form indicates deficiency of estrogen as well. So, a girl should eat a large number of fruits and do stretching. Otherwise, there is a risk of infertility and compelled intake of hormonal medicines.

If you, your girl or your wife are the owners of the best buttocks and want to diversify your sex life, order finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love. It will help derive maximum pleasure from sex you will never forget!

Men, what do you like most of all in women: hips, fanny or something else? If you really like female buttocks - this video is right for you! Watch it up to the end and support it by giving this video a big thumb up! TOP-5 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN BUTTOCKS. On the fifth place there is a big size. It goes without saying, so just look. The fourth place is taken by Latin American buttocks. In one word, it is power and passion. The third place is taken by inflated buttocks which are a dream of any muscleman. The second place is taken by thin but model-looking buttocks. Still it is worth watching, yeah? And on the first place there are sporty and elastic buttocks. So magnificent!

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