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What can you learn from other people smiles?

What fascinates parents when they see their newborn baby? It is a smile. A smile makes wonders. Unfortunately, as time passes people become less sincere and tend to show a false face. However there are moments in every person’s life when one can't but smile! What can one say about a person judging by their smile?

Let's start with the fact that there is an opportunity to learn whether a person is a fighter or not by their smile. In 2013, Emotion magazine published the following research results: psychologists studied photos of fighters who did various martial arts. All the pictures were taken the day before fight. Athletes who smiled, most often lost their fight while those who had a serious appearance won. So, we can draw the following conclusion: people who smile are more pleasant, reliable and not aggressive.

Besides, it is possible to learn about spirit strength. Smile reflects not only happiness, but also a social status of the person. In "Social Psychology Bulletin" magazine it is said that people who are spiritually strong smile more often. Moreover, such people are capable of smiling in any situation despite their feelings. People restraining from smiles are more often under negative impact and are simply upset.

Moreover, one can understand whether a person is rich or not. According to the research published in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Science" magazine in 2012, people who don't smile earn thirty percent less money than people who smile. Depressive and acid look aren't pleasant to people. Pessimists are more concentrated on their own problems and don't think of their work. That’s why their efficiency significantly reduces.

Girl’s smile can show whether she is prolific or not. Yes, it is the fact. In 2009, in Australia gynecologists conducted a research (Roger Hart was the research head). The team analyzed 1000 women, and it turned out that girls with gums inflammation also have other diseases and problems with conception.

If you have a charming smile, and want to diversify your sex life, Finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love is the right device to you. Order Maestro Love right now and get unique pleasure from sex!

Are you mesmerized by female smiles? Watch this video “TOP-5 most delicious female smiles in the world”, get true pleasure and give it a thumbs-up. Let’s go! The fifth place of our top is taken by a nice smile with a small gap between front teeth. Many celebrities are not only keeping this peculiarity, but even try to emphasize its natural charm in every possible way! The fourth place of the top goes to Hollywood smiles; they are so attractive in their own way. On the third place we can find smiles with pronounced incisors which are the result of regular visits to the dentist. On the second place there are beautiful smiles with dimples on cheeks. Quite ice, isn't it? The leaders of our top are smiles with full of lips and beautiful straight teeth.

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