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Top-5 The Best Female Hair

When a man meets a woman, the first thing he pays attention to is hair length and color. According to the survey conducted among men aged from thirty up to forty years, there are more than a half of men – sixty percent, who prefer women with long hair. They consider long hair to reflect natural beauty. Girls with an average hair length attract twenty five percent of men who consider it to be modern and simple. Only fifteen percent of men find short hair attractive. Such a hairstyle reflects organization and commitment. Short hair is associated with virile character, delicate mind.  Practically every man considers hair shine and accuracy to be of more importance than length.
What hair color is believed to be the most appealing?

• Ginger hair. This hair color is capable of attracting men who inclined to risks and adventures and also like extraordinary and courageous acts. Women with ginger hair usually have special charisma which attracts an opposite sex.

• Chestnut head women are chosen by purposeful and self-assured guys. Usually a chestnut woman is considered to be vigorous, highly intellectual and responsible. Quite often such girls are called "fatal ladies".

• Fair-colored hair often harms girls’ career. Men believe fair woman to be great housewives. Why? Everything is quite simple. Girls with such a hair color seem weak.

• Blue, pink, blue, green and other bright hair colors don't attract men. Such a hair color can impress only teenagers.

Usually, it is easier for a man to start a conversation and for every woman there appears a task to take an opportunity and to support a conversation. It doesn't matter what hair color you have. It is necessary to be interesting, easy in communication and cute. Only making maximum efforts in communication skills and self-care, you will be able to find the man of your dream. If you have already found the man, but your sexual life is not the one you've imagined in your dreams, everything that it is necessary for you, if you want to change it, is to order finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love. Order it now and derive maximum pleasure from sex!

The more beautiful girl’s hair is, the more attractive she is in men's eyes. Do you agree? TOP-5 MOST BEAUTIFUL FEMALE HAIR. Watch it up to the end and don't forget to give a big thumb up! On the fifth place there is thick and voluminous hair. The trend from the 80-s is still alive! The fourth place is taken by fair blonde hair. It is worth noticing that natural blondes are quite rare nowadays. On the third place there is very long hair. But in order to have such hair, it is necessary to spend a lot of efforts. The second place is taken by artificially but beautifully dyed hair. Yes, it is not natural; however, it is beautiful at all times. And at last, on the first place there is curly hair. By nature or with the help of hairdressers, it doesn't matter. Only beauty is important!

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