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Top-5 fascinating dresses

Nowadays clothes are of much importance. As the old saying goes, first you judge how nice, then you judge how wise. The clothes play a special role in women’s everyday life as they always try to be the center of attention and to gain men's attention. In this article we will tell you about the way to determine women character judging by her clothes.

• Girls, who love exclusive things, i.e. things which are very expensive or hand-tailor – usually, extraordinary and outstanding personalities. In their life everything is ideal and any aberration can enrage them. Such girls look faultlessly and wear expensive jewelry. You shouldn't forget that such girls are vulnerable, and the image serves as a mask from people around.

• Creative girls are visible at first sight. Even with scanty clothes they look every day differently, selecting a dress proceeding from frame of mind. Such girls have a great variety of clothes starting from sneakers and classical trousers, finishing with high heel shoes and riding breeches. It is very simple to recognize a creative girl as she combines different styles of clothes. Usually, there are a lot of men who prefer such type of girls as they like changes. But, it is difficult to hold such a girl as she loves to be constantly surprised and besides clothes she can easily change her lover.

• The most part among girls is occupied by fashion women. They aren't concerned by public opinion, so they prefer to follow all fashionable tendencies. Usually such girls want to achieve provided life and mostly they obtain it.

• Girls who are faithful to style are rather hostile. In their clothes all things are similar. Some things can differ but still they are trifles like zip fastener or buttons. They love an order in everything and hate changes. Such girls feel comfortable in their own skin and take everything without rose-colored glasses.

• A dress with a deep décolleté, a skirt with a section, stockings, red lipstick and high heels – attributes of a dragon lady. Yeah, for many people it looks vulgarly. Girls who love such style try to draw attention as they have an underestimated self-assessment. That's why they try to emphasize their strong points as much as possible.

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Time goes by and dresses trends are constantly changing. Here is TOP-5 FASCINATING DRESSES of 2018 for you to understand fashion better. Watch it up to the end and don't forget to give a big thumb up! Trend No. 1: Transparency. Such dresses are created for the girls who are able to cope with complexes and to show seductive image. Trend No. 2: Pattern Sleeves. Designers have decided that in 2018 sleeves will become the main dress element and have turned them into art masterpiece by means of transparent 3D decor fabric. Trend No. 3: One shoulder dress. New fashionable dresses can fascinate everyone with harmony of queerness and luxury. Trend No. 4: Sheath maxi dress. Such dresses differ in exclusive femininity and successfully emphasize seducement of maiden figure bends by focusing attention to slender waist and roundish hips. Trend No. 5: Floristics. Even in winter collections containing evening dresses of transparent fabrics run the show, weightless handle have become unconditional "must have" of the following year.

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