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The most beautiful long legs

Today it seems unusual that during the longest part of European history, women were hiding their legs. Even when women had a low-cut decollete, their legs were hidden from male eyes by means of long skirt. Despite women behavior, men didn't hesitate to show their legs and other parts of body. What is it connected with? Everything is quite simple! Stockings with heels and cigarette cut skinny trousers were initially fashion elements of men. Every man knows the reason why women preferred to hide their legs. Of course, it is connected with the fact that legs used to provoke men to look at unallowed parts of body. In this case, one can remember a scene from the movie "Basic instinct" when Sharon Stone parlayed her legs.
Female legs became the first object of erotic desire. In many countries there were approximately similar requirements for feet. They should be as small as possible. This requirement can be tracked even in Cinderella tale where people have been trying to find a real princess with the help of small crystal shoe from a ball. At the same time, Cinderella's sisters in the original fairy tale by Grimm brothers tried to deceive the prince and have decided to cut off their heel and toes! It resembles a real life when girls try to change their appearance in order to be the most attractive to her man.

But the matter is not only in fairy tales. In China, for example, since tenth century, all girls in their childhood were to wear shoes of a small size. Due to it, they had big problems with their toes as their feet started to deform. It created an image of high heel shoes. The French people couldn't understand this torture while the Chinese considered it to be charming and appeal. Obviously, it was possible to admire such feet only in footwear or when they were covered with bandages. The naked foot could cause a repellent look as there were callosities and blood with pus while nails used to grow inside! Nowadays women are free to choose what to do with their legs. If you have beautiful long legs and you want to derive maximum pleasure from sex, you should buy finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love. Maestro Love will help you to make sex really unforgettable!

Do you like beautiful female legs? Men can't but look at them! Do you want to learn what type of legs will be considered the most attractive in 2018? Watch this video «TOP-5 most beautiful long legs in 2018» up to the end and don't forget to give it a big thumb up. So, the fifth place of our TOP is taken by legs with moderately developed hips and calves muscles so it makes them proportional and neat. Legs with thin hips emphasizing neat figure in general occupy the fourth place. Legs with gentle, but accurate contours take the third place of our TOP. The second place goes to long, thin legs which don't have big muscle bulk. And, at last, the first place goes to legs whose owners are engaged in athletics that perfectly affects their appearance. Man can do nothing but fall in love with such girls!

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