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How to start an interesting conversation?

At first, don’t forget to start each conversation with an open mind and treat it as a chance to learn something new in order to keep your conversations interesting for both interlocutors.

Tell an interesting story. Your stories can be humorous or a bit serious. In either case, ensure your story has a logical beginning, middle, and end. Your goal is to make a girl interested and not to assault her with facts. Sliding in a joke or making a sarcastic comment makes you seem more approachable, and your girl will be more comfortable speaking to you.

Whatever your topic is, ensure it can be understood by your girlfriend in every detail.  If it has to do with a particular episode in your work, at first explain her all industry terms for better understanding of interesting situation. It will help her to appreciate your story worthily.

You’d better keep your story short. Try to keep it from one minute up to three minutes. Otherwise, anything longer can make the person uninterested.

Always mention something enjoyable. For example, if you’re at a wedding, you might mention to the other wedding guests that the cake is terrific or that the ceremony was so lovely! Saying something positive will inspire others to reply with their own opinion on the subject. So you can start conversation with a beautiful girl and then to take the sideline for one-on-one talk.

Compliment your conversation partner. Talking about the weather is cliché and not very interesting. Still, there are a lot of things you can talk about in order to make your conversation interesting. For instance, you can ask your conversation partner, a beautiful woman, about her wardrobe. “Where did you get that dress!?” or “That’s a fine dress!” are good statements that can lead to an interesting conversation. Still don’t forget to compliment your conversation partner’s depth of knowledge. Giving praise makes people more interested in continuing the conversation.

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The ability to make interesting conversation requires constant practice and isn’t that easy. Have you ever been unable to talk to a girl on abstract topics while staying face-to-face with her? So watch our video "TOP 5 ways to start an interesting conversation", it is right what you need! It is very difficult for some people to start a conversation because they are naturally extremely shy. In addition, sometimes our interlocutor may be a person who has other interests, so it is challenging for us to find some common topics for conversation. However, we can learn how to carry on a conversation. All you need is a constant practice, no matter where you are: whether it's a dinner party or a phone conversation. An interesting talk can get started itself when people have similar views or background. In any case you always need to be a good listener and find out what your companion loves. If your interests are similar, it will be easy for you, and if not, listen to everything a girl is saying, and try to express your opinion about it, but don’t overdo it for not to offend the girl. Be cute and relaxed in communication and try to finish the conversation with a joke or a nice compliment!

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