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The best compliments ever

For a start, compliment a girl about her physical appearance or her beauty to make her feel better about herself. This will not only boost her confidence, but also make her feel good about you. A point that is to be noted is that the compliments should not be overdone; otherwise, they look unnatural. It’s better to think about unique compliments in advance to sound sincere and let her know that you are actually interested in knowing her. The compliments have to be honest, tactful and from the heart. It is very easy for a girl to understand when you are being very honest and when you are trying to flatter her. Read our article further to know some of the nice compliments you can say to a girl.

A girl appreciates positive comments on her appearance. In case, she got a new hairdo, a new pair of shoes or spectacles, be honest in complimenting about the same. She will surely receive the comments well. Compliment her figure, in case she has been hitting the gym for quite some time. Tell her how beautiful she is! Here are some compliments: 

  • You look incredible.
  • Your hair really looks nice.
  • I love that dress on you.
  • Looking good, as always.
  • You have the cutest nose.
  • Your posture is perfect. Do you work out?
  • You have beautiful eyes.
  • I really admire your dressing sense.
  • That shirt brings out your eyes. 

In case, your woman has taken pains in doing something extra-ordinary for you, appreciate her kindness. Let your girl know about her importance in your life in order to make her feel special. Tell her you like spending time with her and bring a smile on her face. You can also say: 

  • I really enjoy spending time with you; you are fun to be with.
  • You are an amazing cook, where did you learn all these recipes?
  • You smell wonderful, what perfume are you wearing?
  • Thank you for being who you are.
  • Darling, you are my favorite in the world.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better woman.
  • Sometimes a simple ‘I love you’ is just perfect. 

Here are some tips: сhoose the appropriate time and place to compliment a girl, let your compliment be unique or simply tell her that you love her smile. Girls love being complimented on their smile.

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Compliments! Saying them to girls has always been considered a form of art. There is no secret that compliments help make interest with a girl. Excited? Then watch our video "the TOP 5 most memorable compliments" up to the end and put it a like! Praise can cause mood improvement and can help win sympathy of almost any girl. In a matter of seconds a girl can literally change her attitude after hearing a nice comment out of your mouth in the right moment. To make a compliment, which will surely please a woman, you should be well-versed in psychology. Moreover, it is important to be able to predict her reaction to your compliment. In the company of some good friends everything is much easier, as they can appreciate the irony, and don’t mind sarcasm, but talking to girls one must be extremely careful! Do not make excessive compliments to fill an awkward pause in the conversation, nothing good will come out of it. The compliment value lies in its sincerity. If a man happens to be a bit hypocrite at least ones, a girl will immediately feel it. Only sincere statement can find an immediate echo in girls’ souls.

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