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Tips for better sex

Sex is always an individual process. Everyone has his own. It is for this reason that it is practically impossible to give a kind of "guide to action" ... On the other hand, of course, there are general tips that will be useful to almost everyone. These tips also touch upon the peculiarities of creating a suitable romantic atmosphere, and those for talking during sex, about sex positions and other aspects of love relationships. After all, there is a reason for a stable French expression, which is translated into English as "Everything will be adjusted in bed". So we want to tell you best sex and love making tips for men. But everything is somewhat more complicated: there are many factors under the influence of which everything will go smoothly, or not very ... It is logical that if a partner complains, slanders another, or bites his nose with fatigue, the second will lose the whole mood. But do not forget that it is much easier for a man to get satisfaction from sex, because his orgasm comes, often faster, and almost a hundred percent of the time. But it is much more difficult for a woman to experience it. Especially if a hard day behind at work, full of nerves and stress, and even urgent business around the house. There is already a man needs to make a lot of efforts to please his woman.
Well, now we go directly to the tips for better sex.
1. Put on candid, erotic, or just playful clothes. Women are advised to avoid comfortable or new clothes. It seems that this advice does not apply to men. BUT! Please do not try to wear worn socks before a romantic evening!
2. With regard to alcohol. You have to be careful with it. Many know that most women, having drunk a glass or two of wine, become, so to speak, "romantic", and easily excitable from just one touch. And this effect lasts long enough. But for men, alcohol acts on the contrary. Lover immediately tends to sleep, and sex is reduced to a few minutes ...
4. Lighting. Try different options: in bright light, in semi-darkness, in total darkness. Do not hide your embarrassment in the dark! Although in the dark fantasy works to its fullest, and it's easier to try new poses.
Try our fingertip vibrating massager Maestro Love! You can order it on our website. He diversifies your intimate life. If you're shy - just put out the light. Good luck!

Top-3 male sex secrets
Would you like to become a better lover, cause excitement in women? Watch the video till the end to learn how.Successful sex has a great importance for men. In this case we are talking about not only satisfying yourself, but also your second half. It often happens so that the bad intimate life is explained by the male selfishness. How to avoid it? Firstly, never underestimate the preliminary caresses and watch the reaction of the girl. Secondly, don't forget to talk to each other during sex, communicate your desires verbally and in a straightforward manner. Thirdly, the man should pay particular attention to the female erogenous zones (ears, neck). The G-spot, situated in front of the vaginal wall, deserves a special attention. You’d better use a squirt coach to stimulate it. Thus, you a sure to delight your girl and make her experience a squirt orgasm. The effect won’t make you wait long! Choosing a squirt coach, you open the new world full of amazing sensations for your woman!

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