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The best tattoo desing in 2018

Nowadays, a full body or a tattoo body suit that covers the substantial part or the entire body is quite popular! Usually they are performed in one tattoo style, with the same patterns or theme. Back in the day tattoos inked all over the body could signify a social status, a marriage or celebration of the victory in war. These days a full body as any other kind of tattoo is a way to expresses personality through tattoo art. Still, full body tattoos represent different aspects of culture as well as they did before.

To start with, a full body can contain as many different designs and details with their own meanings as you wish. Still, if you consider having most of your body covered with tattoos, take some of the most common and interesting designs for your body suit into account:

  • Realism – people portraits, animals, flowers, birds etc.;
  • Ornaments and geometric shapes;
  • Skulls;
  • Classic tattoos– realistic images of statues, gravures etc.;
  • Traditional tattoos– ships, swallows, anchors, compasses etc.;
  • Japanese – dragons, samurais and geishas, Japanese masks;
  • Favorite movie, cartoon, fairytale or novel characters.

The peculiarities of full body tattoos are the following: both men and women can have it! Depending on the preferences of a person, who is going to get a full body, tattoos can be done in every possible style, color and with different patterns. You can have a full body that consists of images performed in the same style and color palette as well as to get inked with various small tattoos of different styles and hues. Ones of the most popular tattoo styles which you can opt to while looking to get a full body are:

  • Traditional Japanese;
  • Realistic, hyper-realistic or 3D tattoos;
  • Ornamental tattoos;

Full body tattooing isn’t just beautiful design inked on your skin but a great responsibility too. If you are searching to get a full body tattoo, you have to be sure in your commitment to this tattoo. Think of the result and the whole picture before you get a full body because this is what will stay with you all the time.

If you already have a beautiful tattoo, but still you want something out of the world, all you need is finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love! Just Order Maestro Love today and you sex will turn into unforgettable pleasure!

Tattoos are not only means of self-expression but also a way to emphasize advantages of one’s body. Do you want to learn more about it? Just watch our video "TOP-5 most beautiful tattoos on women body" up to the end, give it a big thumb up and you'll learn everything – and even more! So, the fifth place of our TOP is taken by symbols with a secrete meaning. It always intrigues men! Most often tattoos with flowers are colored, so no wonder, we can find them on the fourth place. They emphasize natural charm! The third place goes to stars symbolizing hope for the best and commitment to excellence. Hearts, which take the second place of the top, indicate that a person is vulnerable and romantic. And, at last, the first place of our TOP goes to the tattoos representing the most various interlacing of diverse plots and means of expression!

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