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Best tattoo designs on hands

Remembering the sources of the body painting, namely breeding tattoos, it is necessary to tell about a tattoo on hands. For historical reasons, it was the hands that were tattooed, not only for social status or profession, but also for aesthetic purposes. Hands are considered to be the most mobile part of human body as they have many lines and bends. We will begin with the fact that from the point of view of a tattoo the hand can be divided into several sections: shoulder, elbow, forearm, sleeve, wrist, palm and finger.

To each of above-mentioned parts of a body there corresponds the type of sketches. For example, letters and figures are the most often to put on fingers. From time to time people make quite unusual and original tattoos on such small places. The most popular sketch for a tattoo on a wrist is stars. The inscription, the flames or flowers will look great on a forearm. The shoulder is considered to be one of the most universal places for tattoo, hundreds of the ideas and sketches are possible to be offered. There is relevant article on our website under each area of your body so you can find more ideas, details and important points, regarding tattoos!

Still, the inscriptions remain the most popular sketches of tattoos on the hands. By the way, if you choose them, don’t forget that there is huge collection of fonts!

As for hands in general, there is a special type of a tattoo called a sleeve. We will tell only that sleeves divide by the sizes on:

  • Long is a tattoo full-arm, from shoulder to wrist;
  • Half is a tattoo in half arm, from shoulder to elbow or from elbow to wrist;
  • A quarter is a tattoo a quarter of a hand, from the shoulder and not reaching the elbow.

We hasten to reassure those who are anxious about issues related to pain. A tattoo on a hand doesn’t belong to very painful procedures therefore even gentle girls will be able quietly to endure process of painting a tattoo.

If you already have a beautiful tattoo, but still there is a lack of something, all you need is to diversify your sex life. For this purpose you should place an order for finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love! It will help you to derive maximum pleasure from sex and to have unforgettable feelings! Just Order Maestro Love today and you sex will be out of this world.

Nowadays, tattoos on hands have gained a special popularity among representatives of both men and women. For months people think over design and location of tattoo to find the best possible option. After watching our video "TOP-5 of the most beautiful tattoos on hands" up to the end we are sure, you will find new ideas for your tattoo! So, let's start! Tattoos inscriptions take the fifth place among the most beautiful tattoos; they often carry some certain sense. The fourth place of our TOP goes to butterflies tattoos or those ones with birds which are often placed on a forearm. Tattoos representing wild animals strongly occupy the third place as they are generally preferred by the majority of men. Such tattoos are made quite often in the area of shoulders. The second place is taken by colored tattoos representing certain ornaments and flowers. And the first place belongs to famous "sleeves" - tattoos of any contents and sense "braiding" the whole arm. Still hesitate which one to choose?

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