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Natural lips

Nowadays lips are one of the most important part of every girl's face. Plush lips have always been attracting men's attention. This is not by accident as by lips shape once can learn a lot of things about character and mind of any girl. Quite often men choose a girlfriend by girl's lips size and this is for a reason!

Scientists claim that plush lips draw much more attention than thin lips. Plush lips are considered to be an evidence of sexuality and sensuality. As an example we can look at Marilyn Monroe. Her lips with its beauty inspired a lot of men all over the world. Good appearance and beautiful lips made her a symbol of temptation and appeal. For girls with plush lips deep feelings and love are of less importance. The only thing they like most of all is an opportunity to be constantly in the limelight. Such girls like to bring her man under control. Despite all their negative features, such women usually are good and careful mothers.

Beauties with thin lips can't catch a break in committed relationships. To tell the truth such girls have a strong spirit. They never break under oppression of circumstances. Girls with thin lips seldom show their real feelings and nervousness. Sometimes one can understand that something goes wrong only by compressed lips! Girls with thin lips usually bend men to their will and manipulate them. Most of girls with thin lips are independent and in the majority of cases they prefer to stay alone. If a girl has her upper lip thinner than her lower lip in most cases such women prefer to seduce everyone. Such girls are full of love and inconstancy as they want new emotions and feelings. Nevertheless, strange though it might sounds, by thirty such girls become more rational. When such women meet the man, they stand by him till one's dying day!

If you already have beautiful natural lips and you want to derive maximum pleasure from sex, you should buy finger vibe sleeve for squirting - Maestro Love. Maestro Love will help you to make sex really unforgettable!

Look at these lips! Even the word “lips” can make men excited. Honestly speaking, lips are one of the most attractive and fascinating parts of a female body. Do you want to learn more about the most delightful lips? Watch this video "TOP-5 most beautiful natural lips" up to the end and give it a big thumb up! Girls who have a full upper lip are usually kind. Such type of lips indicates goodwill of their owner, so such girls take the fifth place. The fourth place is given to thin lips which add a tint of innocence and charm to a girl’s look. Full sensual lips take the third place in our TOP. It is a well-known fact that owners of such lips possess passionate nature! Neat lips with a tint of childishness and naivety take the second place. And, eventually, the first place goes to the sweetest heart-shaped lips which are usually underlined by a red lipstick! Improbable charm!

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