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The most severe complications of prostatits

In itself, the presence of such a disease as prostatitis is very bad for the patient's well-being.

A man can feel sharp pain when urinating, or difficulty. There is also a burning sensation in the perineal region and some discomfort when you visit the toilet room.

Appears is erectile dysfunction, during sex, and premature ejaculation, which leads to loss of pleasure from sexual intercourse.

A person begins to feel pain in the pelvic region, which is intensified by at urination, ejaculation or during an erection.

However, this is not the most unpleasant, the prostatitis can progress and leads to such complications as:

The first sclerosis of the prostate. Usually, many people understand sclerosis as a brain disease, but the prostate is also susceptible to this complication.

In this case, occurs the replacement of prostate tissue with connective tissue results in the formation of scars, which lead to compression of the urethra and the neck of the bladder.

The main symptoms are pain when urinating and problems with urination.

The second complication is the formation of stones and cysts in the prostate.

The appearance of a cyst in the prostate is dangerous so that if an infection occurs in it, an abscess of the prostate can occur. Chronic prostatitis, if left untreated, also promotes the appearance of stones in their presence, there are dull pains in the region of the sacrum and perineum. Only ultrasound survey can detect them.

The third complication is infertility.

With prolonged inflammation of the prostate, sperm motility may decrease, and various pathologies may occur in altering their production and shape, as well as possibly damaging the seminal vesicles, which leads to a violation of sperm permeability in the ejaculate. As a result, a man loses his reproductive abilities.

For more details, you can see the overview Prostata Help MP1 vibrating prostate massager on our website.

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