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Good sexual activity after 70s

Sex in adulthood. Do you think that this is nonsense? After all, almost every fourth man over 50 has prostatitis, at one stage or another, or symptoms of prostatitis. But nothing is impossible! Of course, the years take their toll. Nevertheless, if you follow a series of recommendations, you can minimize the risk of prostatitis and live an active sex life. For example, you can include the following products in your prostatitis diet:

• Sunflower seeds and various nuts, they contain a lot of vitamin E. It also has a beneficial effect on potency.

• Black currant

• Cereals. They also have a lot of vitamins. Beneficially affect the nervous system, increase sexual arousal and sensitivity.

• Bitter chocolate (in small quantities)

• Cocoa without sugar once a day. Increases the overall sensitivity, and also increases the level of serotonin.

• Beef steak contains zinc, which increases the level of libido. And also beef increases the content of testosterone in the blood.

Of course, you need to exclude bad habits, get enough sleep, and generally lead a healthy lifestyle, which after fifty is very important. But! Even if everything is normal with health, another kind of difficulty may arise. Very strongly affects the psychoemotional state. Multiple stresses, difficulties and failures at work (as a result - a bad dream), irritability, bad mood, depression and weakness also negatively affect the potency, and the desire for intimacy. At such a time, a very important factor is the support of the spouse. If a man, by the way, underestimates his capabilities, and has complexes, the support of a woman becomes necessary! So, you are quite healthy, the mood is upbeat, but you feel that something is wrong! What if your partner is not interesting to you? Do not take it for granted, find in it new features! Finally, diversify your sex! Moreover, to improve the potency and erection, as well as for the prevention of prostatitis, massage the prostate. It will prevent the development of bph. After all, this procedure is included in the treatment of prostatitis. If your woman will do it, it will become an excellent habit in bed! Use silicone prostate massager Help MP-1. Have a look at our website.

How to stay sexually active after your 70s?

The use of sexual relations after 60 years was known already in ancient China. For example, the philosophical teachings of Tao say that sex is the best medicine and prophylactics in elderly people. However, many people believe that it’s impossible to have sexual life in your 70s, but it’s not quite true! Practically everyone knows modern methods of maintaining sexual health, and the most effective and safe one is massage! It can be performed using a special massage device, which is easy to use and available to everyone. Massage contributes to normal blood flow in the prostate, production of hormones and restoration of erection. This device is effective for both prostatitis treatment and prevention.

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