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The best natural remedies to cure prostatitis

Traditional medicine or natural remedies for prostatitis treatment:
- Exercises:
1. Squats for 3 approaches 50 times, ideally 100 times per approach.
2. Performing "scissors", sitting on the floor and leaning his hands just behind the back (20 times each leg);
3. Lifting of straight legs in the supine position (20 times).
- Prostatitis diet:
1. Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds at home.
Method 1.
Traditional healers have long used treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds. They are a good and very affordable folk remedy for the treatment of this disease. Since these seeds contain a lot of zinc, which is necessary for any man at any age, they quickly treat prostatitis. You only need to eat 30 sunflower seeds a day before meals. This is just the daily amount of zinc for the body.
Method 2.
Clear half a kilogram of pumpkin seeds and twist in a meat grinder. Seeds should not necessarily be fried; otherwise, there will be no healing effect! In addition, add 200 grams of honey. Stir the solution and make from it balls of about the size of a hazelnut or slightly more. You need to store them in the refrigerator, but you can put 10 pieces in advance in order to reach room temperature. Eat should be one ball for half an hour before meals 1-2 times a day. In this case, the ball cannot be swallowed quickly, chew and suck it for two to three minutes. This folk treatment of prostatitis has a very strong curative effect, so one course per year will be quite enough.

Top-3 prostatitis folk remedies.
Quite often folk medicine is more effective than traditional. Here we gathered top 3 prostatitis remedies. In the third place is propolis considered to have a very strong antinflammatory and antispasmatic effect and able to treat prostatitis and restore the body. Make a candle out of propolis mixture and insert in the rectum for the night. Duration of treatment is one month. The second place goes to parsley, as it relieves inflammation and restores sexual function. However, to treat prostatis, you need to drink parsley juice and not only eat it in salads. Take a tablespoon of parsley juice 30 minutes before a meal. And the most effective folk remedy to treat prostatitis is massage. It eliminates the stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland. Earlier people did it with fingers, but they did not achieve good results, as they lacked right techniques. Now this folk remedy is improved thanks to the prostate milking device Prostata Help mp-1 ensuring the correct prostate’s massage.

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