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Pros amd cons about prostate massage

Prostate massage - this is the most effective way to treat prostatitis, however, as with any treatment it has contraindications, and times when it is better not to use this procedure it can make matters worse.

Prostate massage cannot be done at an exacerbation or acute course of prostatitis. When in the prostate have been found stones or cyst , or various types of tumors, at violation of urination especially if you are you do not know causes of the problem, acute cystitis and various diseases of the urinary system, just as if the patient is suffering from hemorrhoids, has any damage or had proctitis. Massage should not be done at later stages of prostate adenoma.

If the patient has no contraindications, then it is assigned a prostate massage and is not dependent on medical treatment, massage is an addition in the fight against prostate inflammation.

Massage, which is carried out in the clinic, makes urologist the index finger for 30 to 50 seconds.

It is also possible to carry out this procedure on their own with the help of special device - electric prostate massager. Many men simply cannot get through the psychological barrier, and do with them is, moreover, to carry out self-massage is not very convenient, so it's best if you help in this procedure the sex partner, she will help you to relax, and the procedure will take place without the unpleasant and painful sensations.

Massage advantages that it helps to eliminate stagnation much faster than medications, as well improving the blood supply to the prostate gland, which allows better act the pills on the source of inflammation.

Appoint one or two courses of ten massage procedures usually thereafter passes inflammation.

Disadvantages include discomfort, which arise during sessions, massages, and a high price of treatments if you was going done this procedure in the clinic by a doctor. However, it is possible to cure prostatitis without the high expenses and discomfort when using Prostata Help MP-1 prostate massager.

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