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How to increase the average time of sexual intercourse?

How to increase the average time of sexual intercourse? Both women and men ask this question, because, it is the couples who are interested. Agree, it rarely happens that the girl quickly reaches orgasm, and says nothing to her man, who (!) Is satisfied with everything. On the contrary, it sounds even more incredible - a man finishes in a couple of minutes, and the girl is also happy ... Usually it's much easier - if one person is too "fast" in bed, it also reflects on his partner. A natural and completely logical reason that prevents a man from having sex for a long time, and getting from this process a wide range of pleasant sensations and feelings, is premature ejaculation. Such a trifle, it would seem, introduces unpleasant amendments into a happy intimate and, in particular, family life. After all, in this situation, a woman often remains dissatisfied with sexual intercourse, and didn’t get female orgasm. On the other hand, a man, in turn, often feels imperfect. It can even form an inferiority complex! When the unpleasant emotions of a man and a woman collide, a quarrel is produced, and sometimes a nervous breakdown ... What should you do? It is necessary to analyze the problem! What is that sexual problem solution? Do you need sexual health tips? It is impossible to say objectively which sexual intercourse is short, and which is long. One pair is enough sex for five to six minutes, and someone does not seem to be satisfied with sex during fifteen minutes (given the preliminary caresses and / or without) ...Experts hold the view that sexual intercourse in less than three minutes cannot be considered as full and healthy. What can I say about that woman does not have time to enjoy the process for a hundred and eighty seconds? It is clear that the main obstacle is still the same premature ejaculation. According to the results of anonymous surveys, it is observed in more than a quarter of middle-aged men. We going directly to the recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to assess the way of life of a man. Maybe he is overworked at work. Reconsider the mode of workday, the schedule of rest, and time of reception of food. Avoid spicy dishes, try meditations for complete relaxation and relaxation. Conversely, doing sports will also bring a positive result. But the most tangible effect will give a prostate massage. With its help, the stagnant secret of the prostate is excreted, the blood flow in the pelvic organs improves, and also improves the secretion of male hormones. And this massage is not necessary to do in the doctor's office. Try our prostate massager for men Prostata Help MP-1. And be sure to show your woman how to use it. It diversifies your intimate life. Be healthy!

Top-3 ways to prolong sexual intercourse
How to prolong pleasure? Your sexual intercourse is too short? It is easy! Nowadays, there are many ways to prolong sexual intercourse, let’s consider three the most popular ones. The first method involves special drugs’ intake, which despite its efficiency, is health hazardous and can bring you many physiological troubles in the future. Before taking such drugs, carefully think whether it’s worth it. The second method of intercourse prolongation comprises intake of cornflower infusion, pumpkin seeds and other soothing teas with mint and melissa. Naturally, you can’t expect a reliable result from such procedures. Therefore, let’s speak about the third method - massage. Massaging with a special device stimulates secretion of sex hormones! This simple and effective method will help to prolong sexual intercourse and strengthen your health naturally!

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