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Best herbs to prostatitis cure

How do you feel about folk medicine? With disbelief? Do you think it can`t cope with prostatitis? How to cure prostatitis naturally? Let`s see. Of course, probably you live in a large city, and as a child, your parents did not take you to a familiar grandmother-sorceress. But in many families, the earlier, so-called traditional healing was used. Banks with hot air on the back, mustard plasters, herbal tea, hot tea with lemon and honey, as well as various tinctures. These are the natural medicine, healing tradition. Undoubtedly, this is not a panacea. But a beneficial effect, nevertheless, is present. Then, perhaps, there are special herbs, broths of which can have a beneficial effect on male potency and erection, or even remove symptoms of prostatitis?  That's right, there are such plants. If you do not have enough effect from the massage of the prostate, this procedure can be supplemented by the ingestion of broths from these herbs. See the video, write down the recipes, but remember - for prevention and treatment of symptoms of prostatitis, there is no better remedy than vibrating prostate massager. Try our massager Prostata Help MP-1.

It is known that herbs help to cope with prostatitis. Today we will tell you about top 3 herbs to treat prostatitis, and in the end of our video we will give a very useful advice, so watch it till the end. The third place. Paeonia anomala. Roots of this plant are used to treat prostatitis. They should be harvested in last August or the first days of September. Decoctions of this plant have analgesic and sedative effect and increase sex drive in men. The treatment period is one month (take herbs three times a day by 40 drops). The second place goes to a burdock. Traditional healers use roots of young plants to prepare medicinal infusions. This plant has a healing effect treating scars and sclerosis on the prostate and seminal glands as well as inflammation that causes prostatitis. Take half a glass of warm burdock infusion four times a day. And on the first place of our ranking is Urtica dioica (stinging nettle). Leaves gathered during the blossom period are used in therapeutic purpose. Stinging nettle has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, increases tone and stimulates the restoration of the prostate’s gland damaged tissues. And now the main advice for attentive men. The mentioned above plants can really help to treat prostatitis, but you have to understand that “with a cup you’ll fill the bucket faster than with a spoon”. The effectiveness of plants is close to null compared to a massage device Prostata Help mp-1.

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