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How to properly treat prostatitis?

A man diagnosed prostatitis. How he can cope with it? How to properly treat prostatitis? Our opinion, as well as feedback.
In fact, prostatitis is tricky primarily because it is directly related to the genitourinary system. For this very reason, it is hard for a man to admit to someone else, that he is suffering from prostatitis, and even to himself. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that the patient turns to the doctor, often, late. However, do not forget that the later treatment is begun, the more difficult it is to come to a positive result, and be healthy for many years. Like any other serious disease, to completely remove unpleasant and dangerous symptoms, and get rid of complications, you need the help of a specialist, and, in general, an integrated approach to treatment.
Naturally, for the beginning the patient needs to undergo examination-diagnostics. During it, the form of the disease is established, and its cause. As a rule, the survey does not present a problem for the specialist. It should be noted that the possibility of an error in establishing a diagnosis is incredibly small. Of course, you cannot do without unpleasant sensations and discomfort during the examination, but it’s worth to endure to be healthy again! Immediately after collecting the necessary information about the patient and general examination, the urologist performs a rectal examination of the prostate with the help of a finger, and takes the secret of the prostate gland for analysis. It should be noted that if prostatitis occurs in acute form, then this procedure could be painful. Then a sample of the secret is sent for analysis to the laboratory. It already establishes the form of the disease - infectious prostatitis, or, so-called, abacterial. Further, proceeding from the causative agent of the disease, the most effective antibiotic is selected. This helps to heal faster and increases the effectiveness of the effect on the body. By the way, it is also sometimes prescribed to the patient to undergo an ultrasound examination of the prostate. This allows you to better examine the focus of the disease, and determine the condition of the patient.
However, we got carried away describing the trip to the doctor. But you are waiting for our advice, right? How to cure prostatitis without antibiotics at home? Try our prostate vibrating massager Prostata Help MP-1. Massage with it is an excellent alternative to prostate massage with the help of a finger, which is performed by a doctor, and which is prescribed for prostatitis. Read about our product on the site. Be healthy!

Top-3 ways to prolong sexual intercourse
How to prolong pleasure? Your sexual intercourse is too short? It is easy! Nowadays, there are many ways to prolong sexual intercourse, let’s consider three the most popular ones. The first method involves special drugs’ intake, which despite its efficiency, is health hazardous and can bring you many physiological troubles in the future. Before taking such drugs, carefully think whether it’s worth it. The second method of intercourse prolongation comprises intake of cornflower infusion, pumpkin seeds and other soothing teas with mint and melissa. Naturally, you can’t expect a reliable result from such procedures. Therefore, let’s speak about the third method - massage. Massaging with a special device stimulates secretion of sex hormones! This simple and effective method will help to prolong sexual intercourse and strengthen your health naturally!

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