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Restoration of potency

So, what do we know about the prostate gland (another name is the prostate)? Statistics, of course, frighten: prostate diseases are observed in almost fifty percent of men. And the older the man, the more likely the disease grows ... The most common diseases of this body are prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate, prostate adenoma, or benign prostatic hypertrophy (bph), as well as the infamous prostate cancer.
Specifically, prostate adenoma and prostatitis do not threaten the life of a man. But these diseases go hand in hand with painful sensations and pain. Fortunately, these diseases are not fatal. However, they are a serious problem for men! These diseases deprive a person of successes on the love front, and even beat on self-esteem.
The prostate gland was studied in ancient Greece. The healers of those times even referred to the prostate as "the second heart of a man"! After all, it is involved in the blood supply to the pelvic organs. Even in appearance, this organ is similar to the heart muscle. In the male body, the prostate is involved in a normal sexual life, in the conception of children, and in urination, of course.
Like Cinderella, the prostate performs an ungrateful and slightly unpleasant job. When everything is in order, and the healthy prostate functions correctly, it is not noticed at all. Remember about its existence only in case of failures and malfunctions...
But what role does the prostate play in the body? It has several functions.
Firstly - the production of the substance "prostaglandin E", which is involved in the blood supply to the pelvic organs. Also this substance is responsible for the quality of the erection!
Secondly - the secretion of the secretion of the prostate gland, as well as the regulation of the sperm composition, which directly affects the ability of conception.
Thirdly - the separation of the process of urination from the processes associated with ejaculation. Here the most important task is to prevent the entry of seminal fluid into the bladder.
Finally, fourthly, control over the process of urination itself. The prostate, on the one hand, keeps urine, and on the other hand, it works on its timely decrease.
Also note that it is thanks to the prostate gland that a man can experience pleasant sensations during orgasm. How to cure prostatitis at home?
To remove unpleasant symptoms and improve your well-being, prostate massage will help. Try our unique prostate massage device Prostata Help MP-1. All details are listed on our website.

The easiest way to restore erection.
The prostate plays a very important role in erection formation and maintaining, as the prostate to some extent produces testosterone. The prostate controls sexual function in the neuroreflexive way. In case of a chronic prostatitis, long-lasted inflammatory and stagnant processes form scars on the prostate gland, which decreases the sensitivity of receptors conducting impulses in the spinal cord centers responsible for erections and ejaculation. Therefore, the role of the prostate in erection formation can’t be underestimated. The easiest way to restore erection is to treat prostatitis, that is very easy to achieve using a special massage device such as Prostata Help mp-1. If you want to learn more about the massage device - click on the link on your right.

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