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Easy way of chronic prostatits curing

So, let us talk about the prostatitis. And specifically about the chronic prostatitis.
In general, diseases associated with the prostate gland are observed in almost fifty percent of men. That is almost half! Moreover, the older the man, the higher the risk that he will have inflammation of the prostate, or prostate adenoma (benign enlargement of the prostate, or enlarged prostrate).
The most common diseases of the prostate gland are prostate adenoma, and, in fact, prostatitis.
These diseases are not like ordinary ones. After all, they are not dangerous to life by themselves. However, even if they are not deadly, they become a serious problem for any man. After all, they beat, in the first place, for the confidence of men in themselves, and in his sexual life.
Let us turn to the history of medicine. Even in Ancient Greece, healers and called the prostate gland "the second heart of a man". After all, the prostate is responsible for fifty percent of the circulation of the pelvic organs. And this is only in a state of rest. During sexual arousal this figure increases to eighty percent! Functions of the prostate can not be overemphasized. After all, it is the prostate that allows conceiving children, having sex, and, in fact, is responsible for successful urination, even after a lot of drinking. Even with its form it resembles the heart.
However, usually man do not remember the prostate. For the simple reason that she does not perform the most honorable work in the body. And remember about the prostate gland only in case of malfunctions.
The prostate is responsible for these important functions:
1. Production of the so-called mediator prostaglandin E. This substance is necessary for proper blood supply, as well as for a full erectile function.
2. Prostate secretion production. It is necessary for the production of seminal fluid, and to maintain its function of possible conception.
3. Separation of processes of urination and ejaculation. The main "goal" of the prostate here - to prevent the penetration of sperm into the bladder.
We hope that now you understand how important it is for the prostate 
 gland to function correctly. And so to treatment of prostatitis should be approached extremely responsibly! How to treat and to cure prostatitis without antibiotics at home? We recommend prostate massage. And you can carry it yourself, at home, with the help of our unique prostate massage device - Prostata Help MP-1! Order it on our website Be healthy!

The easiest way to treat chronic prostatitis!
Many men neglect treatment, believing that the chronic prostatitis will go away by itself. But the disease continues to progress, resulting in pyelonephritis, cystitis, vasculitis, and further in infertility and impotence. And this is a small part of the problem. Moreover, chronic prostatitis is accompanied by unpleasant sensations that make sexual activity impossible. That is why it is very important to take the necessary measures. The most affordable and efficient way of dealing with chronic prostatitis is a prostate massage. You can do it at home with the help of a massaging device Prostata Help MP-1. It’s very easy! Massage at home has several advantages: 1. You control the massage time, 2. Vibration frequency is optimal 3. You can do massage unlimited times to prevent the disease appearance 4. You buy the massaging device once and forever. You don’t have to pay any extra fees. 5.The average massage session lasts 3-5 minutes, it’s won’t take you much time! Think about your health today!

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