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How to maintain an erection

Erection. This physiological feature of the man, which is required for coitus and conception of children. It is logical that copulation is almost impossible when there are difficulty getting an erection, or another sexual problem. Of course, in our, in the main, "patriarchal" society, men can pay very great attention to their dignity. For most men, physical and psychological health is determined by erection - the main "male" indicator. What is the basis of this phenomenon? What affects the erection? What can improve it? Every man should understand the fundamentals of the structure of the penis. It consists, for the most part, of cavernous and spongy bodies. In a state of rest, there is no blood in them. And when there is an erection, these "blood vessels" are filled with blood. At the same time, the so-called sciatic-cavernous muscles contract at the base of the penis. These muscles literally block the outflow of blood from the penis. This is how the erection is maintained for a while. For this, a man should have a good potency. These are the components of healthy sex. As can be seen from the way the erection is arranged, it is possible to judge the causes of the problems with it. Often these are problems with the CNS (central nervous system), and / or problems with the cardiovascular system.
Now let's look at the types of erections.
The first type is Reflex. This erection occurs when stimulating the penis. Through the nerve fibers (synapses) the impulses reach the spinal cord. There, a response is formed - the "command" to fill the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. Accordingly, with violations of these nerve connections, there may be problems with reflex erection.
The second type is Morning. The morning erection, on the one hand, also occurs reflexively. The fact is that in the morning more testosterone is released into the blood. This leads to, it would seem, causeless excitation of the penis. You can say that the body thus "checks" the possibility of an erection.
The third and last type is Psychogenic. Such an erection is due to mental images, as well as "exciting" words, smells, tastes, and even memories!
But what if you think that you have an erectile dysfunction, and the male power is leaving you? Do you need exercise to cure erectile dysfunction? Try to practice prostate massage! With our silicone prostate massager Prostata Help MP-1 it can be conducted out at home on your own. Buy on our website.

Top-3 ways to maintain an erection
Do you want to have a strong erection until the end of life? How to maintain it without medications? It is easy! Men's sexual health is an integral part of his emotional equilibrium. Stress often triggers sexual problems. Erection related problems are not an exception. How to restore erection? Firstly, you need to get used to eating healthy food and be sure to receive enough of the vitamin e. Secondly, exercise to supply oxygen and blood flow to all tissues. Thirdly, make a massage using a simple and highly effective device. Using a massaging device, you will not only restore erection, but also prevent diseases’ development. Your body will be very grateful for this! Purchase a massaging device today and continue to enjoy life as previously!

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