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Prostata Help MP-1 complectation

Prostatitis is one of the major diseases, which affects men 20 to 60 years.

In total there are four forms of prostatitis is the main infectious and stagnant. In addition, depending on the type you need to select a special treatment of the prostate. Therefore, you must get medical advice.

In the acute form of prostatitis prescribe special antibiotics as in the prostate occur severe inflammation caused by the presence in the body of the infection or bacteria.

The prostate gland is greatly swollen and compresses the urinary tract due to which the process of urination becomes impossible without the use of a special catheter. As there is considerable pain and fever.

Condition the patient is further complicated by the fact that due to bad urination urine occur poisoning body.

In chronic prostatitis the disease is almost invisible, and one feels deterioration of health only when exposed to certain negative factors.

Prostatitis treatment is best done in a complex, namely, to combine all known treatments in one, and then the result will be more efficient and faster.

In the initial stages of prostatitis usually help:

Medications, folk remedies, and prostate massage.

Medications are usually prescribed to relieve inflammation and pain and to suppress the infection.

Folk remedies include the use of specific herbs and infusions, which also helps when the first symptoms of prostatitis, as well as  in for prevention massage Prostate is the most effective treatment, especially if you spend it in a complex with reception of medicines and various infusions. Moreover, it has no side effects as in the medication, and it is absolutely harmless.

Massage prostate is not worth doing during acute bacterial prostatitis. Since this can contribute to the ingress of bacteria into the blood stream and cause sepsis.

In addition, it should not be used at urethritis kidney and prostate, and in diseases of the rectum, the different types of hemorrhoids and acute inflammation of the rectum for various infectious diseases.

In any case, ask the advice of a doctor, he accurately determine whether to do massage.

Prostate massage is possible to do in the clinic, where he was conducting urologist.

It is also possible to carry out a massage at home alone or with a partner.

It is much more convenient when the massage makes you a partner, do massage itself it very uncomfortable and difficult, and many cannot overcome this psychological barrier and force yourself to carry out this procedure.

If the girl does not mind, she will be able to massage your prostate with your index finger, however, it is necessary to that the girl had no nails, otherwise it can do harm. A more practical to use a prostate massage device Prostata Help MP-1, as it is designed specifically for these needs.

Its diameter is the same as the diameter of the index finger inside it have vibrating element that enhances the stimulation of the prostate, due to high frequency vibrational impulse.  You can used massager Prostata Help MP-1 alone.

By all means try to cure the disease at the first sign, do not hesitate and wait until the disease starts to progress and become worse. After all, in the early stages you can get rid of prostatitis simply by visiting a couple of times a doctor or using massager.

You can read this subtitle to our video.

Prostate massager Help MP-1 kit includes an original pack with the massager itself, three hygienic condoms, spare batteries and instructions in five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. Take the massager, unscrew the vibrating unit and remove the fuse. The battery is inside. Now put back the vibration unit. The massager size is optimal; its diameter is equal to the diameter of a finger. It is waterproof. After the use, rinse it with water. The massager is efficient for both prostatitis prevention and treatment, even in case of chronic disease.

For more details, you can see our video clip, or you can view the product description on our website.

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