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What Country have ideal penis? Greatest results

Before carrying out any calculations and studies by the science community were unknown information about penis size and where in the world at men the ideal penis.  Scientists   decided to study the size of the genital organs at representatives of different nationalities. At first they interviewed about the length of a member, it was found that many men intentionally or accidentally little bit overstate the length of his penis pointing the wrong value.

 A further survey showed that about 80 percent of men would like to have a dick longer than it actually have. Many of them are even ready to go for the penis surgery, or wear the male extender device to enlarge the dick by a couple of centimeters. Surveys at women about penis size, showed that women in the vast majority believe that if a man has a big penis, have sex with them better and more enjoyable. Girls want realize that they have sex with sexually giant. Slightly fewer respondents girls wrote in their questionnaires that more important for them width penis than length.   What also speaks of the large penis size preference, since the dick does not grow only in length or width, it increases proportionally.

Thus, after a survey and measurements, the researchers have made the world map medium length member, which implies that:

Africans have the greatest members. The average length of a member originating from Africa is 16 centimeters.

Next come the people of America where the average length of a member of 14 cm.

Behind her in the ranking of Europe and Russia, where the average size of 13 cm.

 Men who live in countries Asian countries such as China, India and Korea have an average length of 10 cm.

You can read this subtitle to our video.

 China-average penis length of 10 cm.
 America is the average penis length of 14-cm.
 Kenya; the average length is 17 cm
 Russia - the average length of 13 centimeters.
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