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Foreplay: what you need to know

Prelude: What? Where? When?
Of course, in this, perhaps, the most romantic stage of sexual intercourse, there are many questions, subtleties and nuances. Not every "sex giant", Casanova or Lovelace can answer these questions. What can we say about men with a slightly more modest "track record". Do you think only penis enlargement can help you? First thing first.
Someone does not think about preludes, does not need them. Probably does not even know about their existence. The partner of such a lover, most likely, dreams of long caresses and voluptuous conversations. However, unfortunately, he is satisfied with the usual "quick before bedtime," and even suffers.
Nevertheless, is prelude necessary in principle? For what?
The classical situation: one of the partners does not need a prelude, and the second feels that their relationship is not full. Naturally, most often men tend to come up with an initiative to switch to penetration. But at the same time, a woman may not yet be sufficiently excited and ready to copulate. As a result, such sex, of course, can bring physical satisfaction. However, not moral, unfortunately.
There is such a playful pattern. Like, a man in sex like a light bulb, which quickly lights up, and fades quickly. But the woman is an iron. He warms for a long time, but it does not cool down too soon. In other words, not always a woman can start with a half-turn. In addition, it is true! A woman needs caresses, kisses, attention, compliments ... A woman needs tenderness in front of such a frank and even harsh process as copulation. For women is also important element of the game, role and erotic. Prelude or sexual foreplay is the best embodiment of this very "game". We have already talked about the fact that orgasm in women is associated with a sense of intimacy, establishment and preservation of long-term relationships. Therefore, the prelude also adds a sense of intimacy. And for a man, foreplay is a kind of method or tool to control the level of excitement of partners.
If the preludes do not suffice to satisfy the woman, I advise you to try one of our devices for penis enlargement, like vacuum hanger or penile stretcher. How to have a bigger penis? Check our website. Your woman will be pleasantly surprised! Good luck!

How to start sex with a girl correctly?

How to properly start sex? Do you often ask yourself this question? There is an opinion that before starting an intercourse, a man should stick to a certain tactic. It’s no surprise, as the beginning influences the mood and excitement of both partners, which ultimately affects the quality of sex. First of all, do not forget about foreplay, as it creates a relaxed atmosphere. Sexologists believe that foreplay should be three times longer than the intercourse itself, and the man should be particularly delicate. Quite often the man can’t satisfy the woman because of a small penis size, but nowadays it’s not a problem! Use a special device for safe and effective penis enlargement! Its high performance has been proven by thousands of men. Anyone can check it! Start improving your life today and make your girlfriend happy!

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