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Popular Men`s Mistakes In Sex

How to have sex correctly? What do you know about sex? A few simple poses? What sex positions are there at all? You only give five minutes for a prelude? Sex for you has always been only a conjugal duty of no more than twenty minutes? What is "correct sex" in the opinion of the guru? Do you want to know more about it? You need some sex education? Do you want to avoid making common mistakes?
Spring has come, women no longer hide their seductive figures in expensive mink coats, fur coats, long coats, down jackets and jackets. The sun shines brightly on the street, flora and fauna awake from the winter sleep, and in us - men, the hormones are already beating the key! Is not it true, spring is the ideal time to diversify your sex life, learn new ways to see the smile of your chosen one again?
It would seem, an amazing fact - sex exists as much as there is a human. But all the secrets of sex, we seem, are still inaccessible. Many books have been written on this subject. You did not think that the study of sex was limited to "Kama Sutra"? And what about candidate and doctoral dissertations on related subjects? But this is not all. There are many courses of "pick-up". Finally, popular science literature! All this amount of information can not be mastered. To read all these books you can spend years ...It would be great to get such a summary, which summarizes the tips that really work. Listen to our advice.

1. Be sensitive to your partner.

2. Experiment with different positions, different tempos, toys, atmosphere and other things.

3. Try role playing games.

4. Lay out more, demand less.

5. Talk to your favorite, and also - listen.

It is impossible to insure against mistakes, as it is impossible to completely eliminate the shortcomings. But you can emphasize the advantages. How about penile enlargement? Have you ever thought about increase girth of a penis with pecker stretcher? Come on our site and choose traction device for penis for the best results.

2 Most common mistakes men make in sex

Men make many mistakes during an intercourse. The first and very important mistake is untimely change of a position. Thus, your partner may loose her sexual excitement at once. Before changing the position, you’d better consult your partner. Many also believe that penis size also affects the sex quality. However, you don’t have to undergo costly operations or take pills to get closer to your ideal size.The second mistake is the sudden change in behavior. This applies to sex pace, bursts of emotions, vulgar expressions that may offend or even humiliate your partner.  All you need penile enlargement is a penis extender device! Thousands of men have proved its high performance. You can check it yourself! It’s safe, efficient and easy to use! Make your life better today!

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All about penis enlargement

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All about prostatitis

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All about squirting