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Largest peniles of famous men

Stars of show business attract great attention of the public, people are curious to know how they are resting what they eat and how they dress. However, these details, which are described in glossy magazines was not enough, and fans fixed his eyes on the most hidden details - on the penis.

Make penis size measurements using a special line nobody will and the fans began to look hard at the photo, to revise the sex scenes in movies and ask Girlfriends star. Based on this information was made of top biggest penis among star of show business.

The largest penis in the world belongs to John Adam Falcone. His penis size was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records and is 34 cm.

In fact, thanks to an impressive size, he became famous when in 2006 was made a documentary film about this.

From famous actors large members have:

Sean Connery- length of his manhood 25 cm

Bruce Willis - he just slightly more modest 23 cm, but also this a decent size for the "Die Hard"

Eddie Murphy - he is famous not only because of its comical and interesting actor play in the movie, but due to also a penis of 22 cm.

Next come the biggest penis stars, which do not were marked in cm, however, about their size can be find out thanks to the enthusiastic descriptions of girl

Dolph Lundgren- one of his lovers says, "That so big penis she had not yet met"

Colin Farrell- his penile seemed me, "the size of a child's hand" say bridesmaids the actor.

Jay-Z-wife Beyonce described its penis as "a liter bottle of Pepsi."

Liam Neeson- Janice Penileinson in his autobiography said that during an affair with a famous actor she was struck by the fact that he unbuttoned his pants and from his pants "dropped a bottle of sparkling water"

You want to be like their idols, do not keep up with them in anything, for this you need enlargement your penis with sex extender, then the girls will love you more.

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All about penis enlargement

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