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Size of a penis, which more pleasant to girls

This question torments the most curious men, and not in vain. Everything want to know the preferences of the women than amazed girls during pleasing sex.

I am sure many mens asked about this girl, and got the answer that it is all a lie, the main attention, care, and the like. Yes, undoubtedly caress must be observed in sex, but how about penis size. To learn it is important penis size for girls, let us look at the physiology and structure of the body.

Thus, the vaginal depth is about 12 cm in width in vagina is intervened 2-3 the finger. It is values indicators in an unexcited state. During sexual arousal depth and size vagina can be increased by 5 cm. At the same time, all the erogenous point of excitation is also shifting. In addition, in order to reach them, you need to have your penis at least 16 cm, it is much lower than average rates.

And how the girl will get the maximum pleasure, if the partner cannot reach the penis till to her excitation points in vagina?

The obvious answer is nothing! In addition, to achieve orgasm girl is unlikely to succeed.

That is why the girls when they get together with my girlfriends to gossip, eventually begin to discuss penis size at men. If the size was not important for girls, they not talked about it. So you need take initiative on self, together with a man extender, in the own hands, and forward to glory!

What the girls say about the penis size? Size does not matter, even a small penis can make wonders, it's not the size. However, how the person uses it matters all of these are Mets according to statistics the overwhelming majority of girls prefer big penises. Historical fact in the 17th century and Switzerland, a degree set a certain penis length equal to 15 centimeters, if the man did not need the requirement that the woman could claim. A divorce so take off your rose-colored glasses look at the facts and go back.

Although, you can use the fingertip vibrator Maestro Love to satisfy your girlfriend

For more details you can view the penile traction devices description on our website.

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